Top 4 Water Sports for Adrenaline Junkies



While some people prefer a laid back and relaxed vacation, others opt for an adrenaline rush whenever they have a chance. Heart pumping activities, such as jumping from a plane or jumping off a cliff, are what drives these adrenaline junkies. Nevertheless,
there are also water sports that will surely fill their need for a blood rush, four of which are listed down below.

1. Flyboarding

Flyboarding entails the need for you to strap both of your feet on a board that is very much similar to a skateboard, with a jet ski motor. This board pumps out powerful jets of water, which will propel you up in the air. The most popular destinations for flyboarding are Australia and Dubai.

2. Whitewater SUP

You will definitely need more than a strong core for this sport. If you have already managed to gain your balance in a
stand up paddle board, or SUP, then go ahead and take it a notch higher by using your SUP in whitewater rapids. This sport is challenging because you need to use all your muscles to maintain your balance while also reading the flow and movement of the water.

3. Blowhole Diving

Lady Elliot Island in Australia is one of the best spots to try blowhole diving. Blowholes are unusual geological formations with strong water currents. Additionally, these are
natural sea caves that open up towards the ocean. The water current, as well as the formation of the cave, creates a surge that will propel free divers and scuba divers through the cavern.

4. Kiteboarding

If you love parasailing and wakeboarding, then you will definitely be fascinated with kiteboarding. Kiteboarding is basically those two sports integrated together. You will need to find your balance on a board that is attached to a canopy that is very similar to a kite. You need to steer through the water while maintaining your balance and keep yourself from being wiped out into the water.

Other Sports

While the four above tops the list, there are other sports that may tickle the fancy of adrenaline junkies such as surfing, which has been around for a long time, but it still never grows old. There may just be something in the water that can be so addicting for adrenaline junkies who ride the waves.
Windsurfing typically emerged from surfing, integrated with sailing. Not only will you need to master the waves, but you will need to master the wind too to be able to navigate flawlessly in the water. In the same manner, jet skiing and other water rides such as a banana boat are also fun and thrilling.


To wrap things up, activities that will keep your heart pumping blood all over your veins, including the water sports listed above, are best practices with safety as a priority. Always keep in mind that the saying ‘you only live once’ is very true. This is the reason why before you even attempt any of the water sports above, make sure you are fit and in top shape, and that there are experts to guide you.


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