How to Spiff Up Your Family Home by Leaps and Bounds



Maybe your house is starting to show its age or maybe you’re just ready for a change. If you’re not satisfied with the way that your family home looks, there are plenty of things you can do to spruce the place up a bit. However, if you aren’t sure of what to do or where to start, these simple home projects can help you improve your home in a major way.

Address Old Cabinets and Countertops

Your cabinets and countertops have probably picked up scuffs, scratches, and watermarks. If they are in less than ideal condition, they’re going to affect the look of your kitchen and bathrooms. Replacing your cabinets is a good option. Replacing old countertops might be in order during your home renovation project, too.

If you’re looking for a smaller project you can do on your own, you might consider painting or staining your cabinets instead, assuming they’re still in good condition. You can also swap out the hardware on your cabinetry for a fresh look, too.

Install New Flooring Throughout the Home

While it might not be the first thing you think of, the flooring of your home can change the feel of your entire home. Worn flooring can make your home seem shabby, even if you have top-of-the-line furnishings, and mismatched flooring throughout the house can make the home seem blocky or unorganized. Consider looking into commercial hardwood flooring to create a clean and elegant environment in your home.

Swap Out Plumbing Fixtures

Older plumbing fixtures show their age with built-up hard water stains and outdated designs. Swapping out the old showerheads and faucets throughout your home will give your chic accents that your family and guests are sure to appreciate.

Older fixtures also tend to waste water. This easy update can end up saving you money on your water bill in the long run.

Add Interior Paint

Refreshing interior paint in your home is one of the best and most affordable ways to spruce up the house. If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, opt for neutral paint throughout the home. Otherwise, you can play with different colors that match your decor. You may want to hire a professional crew that specializes in interior painting, or, if you have a little bit of time to dedicate to the job, you can save money and still get good results by doing this project on your own.

Change out Your Light Fixtures

Look up. If your light fixtures are older, they probably look worn out now and your lights may be dim. Plus, older light fixtures often use more energy than necessary. Installing bright and energy-efficient light fixtures throughout your home can instantly improve the look of your rooms and can save you money.

Updating your home periodically can improve your day-to-day satisfaction while also increasing the value of your home for when you do decide to sell it. Even just one or two of these updates can make an impact. Assess your home, decide where it most needs updating and start with the basics.


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