How to Throw a Stress-Free Housewarming Party



If having to redecorate, clean, design the décor and bring all your old stuff into a new house isn’t already stressful enough, then throwing a housewarming party might be. But that doesn’t have to be the case since you can easily avoid the mental pressure and have a fabulous housewarming party without much effort. So, call your old friends, invite your new neighbors, and follow these steps and throw a fantastic party without any burden. 

Set Up a Party Style

Whether you wish to have a formal dinner or a more casual brunch, you don’t have to bite your nails to plan it. Everything will depend on what aspect of your house you want to show. If you’re an easy-going person and you want to point out your character, then have a casual get-together and
have a barbecue. If you wish for your friends to see the interior, you can make an awesome dinner party with finger food such as canapés. If you think that you will be running around and only serving the guests, then have a classical open-house. Set up the time, order pizza, have guests drop at any time, and just relax and mingle.


Clear Out the Clutter

Boxes and furniture is pilling up tend to pile up and make you feel apprehensive because you still don’t know where to place them and the party date is approaching. Relax and know that your friends will understand. Since comfort is the key, push all the unsorted boxes aside and place funky floor cushions and comfy sheepskin around if you lack chairs. Your friends are aware that you just made your move, so don’t fret. Clean the house and try to push unpacked boxes in one room. Choose the room for entertainment and keep your guests there, pour champagne and just be at ease. 

Keep the Drinks Flowing

You don’t have to host a formal dinner or cook a complete meal, but drinks are a must. If you are going to have your guest standing all the time, thus you can make mini sandwiches, chips, and dips, and have various liquor and cocktails on the table. If you don’t feel comfortable your guests pouring drinks themselves, you can
find professional kombi hire co that will serve the drinks and make a blasting atmosphere. Not only will you have cool entertainment, but you will be provided with a professional and respectable service so you wouldn’t have to worry about drinks.


Smooth the Ambient

It is of utmost importance to make a relaxing yet fun atmosphere when your guests arrive. Start by opening up the windows, it might be chilly at first but everybody will warm up quickly. Next, try to bring in sophistication and welcome by placing luscious flowers such as
allium Globemaster or create a unique table centerpiece. Also, it would be a great idea to play some smooth jazz in the background. You can make a playlist that is upbeat enough to keep everyone’s spirit up. Music is a wonderful discussion-starter, so that will get the guests talking and enjoying in the ambient. 

Send Out the Invitations

Once you have everything planned, the time has come to sit down and invite your guests. Again, you don’t need to be too formal and send out paper letters via snail mail days in advance, but rather be more welcoming. You can send an e-mail which is fast and easy, or even better, get chatty through Facebook and invite your future neighbors via a social network. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about the message being sent since there are also many mobile applications like SMS or Viber, where you can send an invite without a worry.


There you have it! Few simple but effective ways to throw a dazzling housewarming party without much annoyance.


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