How Workplace Massage Therapy Can Boost Employee Productivity



It is becoming increasingly common for employers to provide massage therapy for their employees to relieve stress and increase productivity. Here, we’ll look at the benefits of workplace massage therapy and how it can help your employees and your company. 

Benefits of Workplace Massage Therapy

Morale Boost

Many employers notice an instant morale boost in their workers after a massage therapy session. Care and attention through services and treatment like massage therapy can help workers feel appreciated. And happy workers are more productive and eager to work. This boost in morale translates into increases productivity and good feelings towards the company.

Lower Stress

Stress is bad for workers and bad for productivity. Stress is a leading cause of illness and can lead to serious health complications down the road. Stress also lowers the immune system, making workers more likely to catch colds and become sick from viruses. Illness leads to more sick days and workers absent from work. 

Stress can also impact your bottom line. According to a recent survey, financial stress deducts nearly $16 billion in lost productivity from the Canadian economy every year. 

Massage therapy is particularly effective at combating stress at work. Even a short 15-minute session can rejuvenate and refresh workers, helping them eliminate stress and reset to get back to work. 

Increased Creativity

Stress is a creativity killer. Workers work best and can think most creatively when they are relaxed and focused. Massage therapy boosts problem-solving skills and helps workers think more creatively.

Pain Reduction

Many workers spend their days sitting in an office chair and dealing with stressful deadlines. Over time, bad posture and a stationary situation can cause back issues and painful neck and shoulder problems. It can also lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive movement issues, and cause employees to miss work to deal with their pain. 

Massage therapy is extremely effective at restoring function to sore and painful joints and relaxing tense and aching back muscles. This pain relief means your employees will spend less time at the doctor’s office and sick at home, and more time focused at work.

Other treatments from Kitchener registered massage therapy can help with long-term health issues like structural problems, injuries, muscle imbalance, and pain from arthritis or osteoporosis.

Supports Optimum Health

Regular massage therapy in Mississauga can help more than sore, aching muscles. It regulates high blood pressure, relieves stress headaches, and prevents repetitive strain injuries by up to 37 percent. In short, it helps support the overall health of your workers. 

Healthy workers have lower absenteeism, healthier employees, and better work performance.

Employee Retention

Offering workplace massage therapy is a great way to get employees to stay with your company. Replacement costs for retraining and recruiting employees can get very expensive. Workplace massage therapy helps your company hold on to good employees and recruit the best workers. 

Workplace massage therapy has many benefits that lead to improved productivity. When your employees feel relaxed, healthy, and appreciated, it translates into better workers working harder for your company. 

Allaine Layns

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