Bittersweet Celebration: 4 Ways to Incorporate Your Late Parent Into Your Wedding




When children and teenagers envision their future weddings, they typically imagine their parents in attendance. However, as the years go by, some sadly lose their parents at young ages. Right now, you might be planning a wedding without one or both of your parents, and you’re looking for some ways to incorporate them into the celebration.

1. Wear a Reminder

Wearing an article of clothing or piece of jewelry that belonged to your parent is one way to honor this individual. For example, you could wear your mother’s wedding gown or adorn yourself in her jewelry. You might tie a handkerchief of your father’s inside of your tux or tie it into your bouquet. If you don’t have such an item or you don’t want to wear that item, you could consider having your parent’s name embroidered into a piece of clothing that you’re wearing.

2. Memorial Candle

Another popular idea is to light a memorial candle at some point during your wedding ceremony. A number of faiths will allow you to incorporate this tradition into your ceremony, so you can investigate this possibility whether or not you’re having a religious wedding ceremony. When having a memorial candle during the ceremony isn’t an option, you could take some time during the reception to incorporate this idea. Calling a spiritual advisor, a childhood friend that knew your parents, or a psychic line may help you find peace on your big day if you. If you want to feel them close to you on that day, try to make a connection and set time to think of them.

3. Make Them Present

Setting up a display of photos as guests enter into the reception is one way to remind everyone that you are feeling the presence of your parent on this special day. If your parent loved to make works of art, you could use some of these pieces to decorate the ceremony and reception spaces. Also, maybe your parent was musical. You could play a recording of the music or of your parent singing during the reception. You may even want to incorporate this recording the father-daughter or mother-son dance.

4. Visitation


During the wedding day, you might make a few stops. For example, you may go to separate sites for the ceremony, reception, and photographs. Along the journey, consider making a stop at your parent’s gravesite. You might choose to do so alone with your new spouse or bring your closest loved ones along. Another option, if you scattered the cremated remains of your parent somewhere, is to consider having the ceremony or part of the reception at that spot. When your parent isn’t alive on this earth for your wedding day, you can certainly still incorporate this important individual into the celebration. Remember that your parent is always with you.


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