Healthy Grieving: How to Move Forward After Losing a Parent



Losing a parent at any age can lead to a tsunami of emotions. It’s not pretty. These feelings can often be extremely difficult to process, too. It can be overwhelming to move on with life after having to go through something so traumatic. If you want to do so, however, there are many things that can help you out. The mourning process doesn’t last forever, but you can make it easier on yourself.

Participate in Healthy Pastimes

Losing a parent can be an “excuse” to do things that are beneficial for your health and wellness. Turn your loss into something that spurs you into action. It may be beneficial to start exercising several times a week. It may be beneficial to revamp your diet and make it a lot more nutritious. You may even want to try yoga and meditation for mental clarity. Exercise will release those endorphins to give you a boost of motivation and peace. Do activities that make you feel your best and get your focus off your loss for a little while.

Connect with People You Love

Death can be a reminder that life is fleeting. That’s why it may be a great time for you to take advantage of the people who are still with you. Engage in conversations with them. Spend quality time with them any time the chance pops up. Ask them how they feel. Talk to them about how you feel as well. Don’t waste a single second. This will also give you support in your feelings of grief. Human connection can help us from slipping into depression and isolation.

Get Therapy

Therapy can do wonders for people who want to move on in healthy ways. You should schedule appointments with therapists who specialize in the mourning process. If you have friends or relatives who have lost others recently, you may want to ask them for therapist recommendations. Select a therapist who is compassionate and who makes you feel 100 percent at ease. Regular therapy sessions can often do a lot for grieving people who want to feel sane yet again. It’s important to process your emotions rather than ignore them in order to fully move forward.

Call a Psychic Medium Hotline

Calling a psychic medium hotline may be helpful to people who are trying to bounce back after the losses of their parents. Speaking with a psychic may help you get invaluable details that pertain to your destiny. These details may help you figure out exactly what you want to do to proceed. If you want to turn your life around after a devastating loss, then psychic guidance may just be the key for you.

Losing a mother or a father is never easy. It doesn’t have to signify the end of the world, though. You can use it as an opportunity to grow into an even more thoughtful and sensitive individual. Make sure you allow yourself to go through the grieving process to fully heal and consider the above four ways to do that.


One thought on “Healthy Grieving: How to Move Forward After Losing a Parent

  1. Hello Emma, have you ever had a loss similar to what you write about?
    Mourning helps and drives out the traumatic memories and retain the beautiful ones. Else, your defense mechanisms come into play with awkward schemas manipulating, denying and distorting the reality to defend you from unacceptable truths.

    If you talk about me, when I lost my dad, I dedicated every breath of mine towards becoming a “Good” doctor. I still walk on the path, because I save people for I couldn’t save my father.

    Think, Dream and Believe.

    Thank you.

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