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Some people are born with full and luscious lips while some are born with extremely thin lips. It all depends on what genes you carry in you. Some people with thin lips don’t mind at all, while for others, it hurts. Then, they desire full lips. The only option for them then becomes to get lip injections to get a full size. Sometimes lips also become thin because of the ageing process that is only natural.

How To Get Full Lips Cosmetically

Getting full lips cosmetically means that you are opting to get lip augmentation done. Lip augmentation can be done by two means namely: with lip injections and lip implants. Both options have their own positive and negative sides which you must weigh out before opting for it.

What Are Lip Injections?

When you hear the term “lip injections” you may know at once that you are getting lip fillers which essentially consist of collagen or other various other filler materials injected into your lips. The medical professional may decide to inject the substance(s) into one or both lips. The process is done by using needles to inject the fillers into your lips.

Lip injections today are mostly comprised of hyaluronic acid or collagen which are both naturally occurring substances found in the human body. They are used as lip fillers. Unlike lip implants, lip injections are less invasive procedures. But at the same time, they last lesser than lip implants which have a longer-lasting effect. Each time you get hyaluronic acid injected into your lips it tends to last for any time between six months to a year at the most. But at least the results are guaranteed for a year.

But if you consider the case of lip implants where fat from one place in your body is transferred to your lips, then again, this procedure might not give you the expected results or they may last even lesser. This is because the fat may just simply get reabsorbed by the body and you are back to square one again. And this procedure is invasive while lip injections are a non-invasive procedure which is a better option any day if you do not want to go under anaesthesia or under the surgeon’s knife.

Who Is Eligible for Lip Injections?

Now if you ask about eligibility for lip injections then there is no limit to this. It is all about who actually wants it. As long as you desire fuller lips you get them when you:

  • Are in the peak of health.
  • Are realistic in your expectations.
  • Do not have any oral infections or cold sores.

Why It Would Be Necessary To Get Full Lips

Getting fuller lips is not a compulsion but you may get them for a number of reasons. With age, the lips tend to become thinner. So, some people when they age still want their previous size of lips. It is then that you may opt for lip injections. Some lips are asymmetrical in size and shape and therefore require rectification. Making the wrinkling mouth corners smooth with lip fillers is also another reason why you would want them.

Reasons for Injecting Lip Injections

Volume in the lips is the main reason why lip injections are used. These injectables will not stop or slow down the ageing process but they will definitely add on those volumes that might restore your beauty to its former glory. Lip fillers will give you that exact look without going invasive.

Advantages of Lip Injections

Here is a list of why lip injections are beneficial. They are deemed to be very safe and have fewer risks of any side effects or complications. It can be reversed. Suppose you can ask your expert to inject enzymes that will dissolve the fillers if you’re not satisfied with the results. In either case, when you are confident in your appearance, your confidence will soar.

Rounding Off With the Purpose of Hyaluronic Acid

Lip injections namely hyaluronic acid merely improve your image by adding volume, shape and structure to your lips. There are many varieties of hyaluronic acid in the market. Which is suitable for you will be decided only after you go for a consultation with your expert. But ensure that you get proper advice from registered practitioners before going for the procedure.

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