Los Cabos to California: What You Need To Move to North America



Thinking about the American dream? If you want to trade the sunny life in Los Cabos for something north of the border, there are things you need to know before you go. This article should help you make the transition safely.

Los Cabos is under constant development these days. This area represents a growing community of Mexicans who live in a beautiful region. You might want to ask why anyone would want to move from here. However, for thousands of Mexicans every year, the North American dream is too sweet of a lure to resist. Before you rush off to file your visa application, here is what you ought to know about migrating north of the border.

Your Choice in States

When you choose to go north, you have a choice of settling in, or passing through, four separate states. These are:

  1. California
  2. Arizona
  3. New Mexico
  4. Texas

As you can imagine, certain states are more welcoming than others. Let’s talk about what you need to settle in each state before you get there.

Settling in California

To settle in California, you will need a visa or green card. You can read about The Green Card Process in California here, but there are other things you ought to know. One of the biggest cities in California is LA, whose population was 75% Mexican in the 2020 census. That’s 3.5 million Mexicans. If you want to settle in America, LA will give you the warmest welcome of all.

Settling in Arizona

There are 1.6 million Mexicans and counting in Arizona. They make up a total of 35% of the state’s entire population. Arizona has a substantial Latino and Hispanic population. There are two USCIS offices in Arizona where you can make an appointment to help with the immigration process. You can find out more about getting help for an Arizona green card online.

Emigrating from Mexico to New Mexico

An estimated 70% of the New Mexico population identifies as Mexican themselves. Almost one in ten of all residents here are immigrants from other countries. This makes it a friendly place for foreign-born residents. Common occupations here are fishing, forestry, and farming. There are around 200,000 Mexicans a year who move here. The visa and green card process is like the other states. 

Settling in Texas from Los Cabos

Of all the states that you could move to from Mexico, Texas is less welcoming than the others. Latino, Hispanic, and Mexican populations are lower here comparatively. There are 7.9 million Mexicans living in Texas. Those numbers are higher than international expectations. The deep south sports some of the cities with the most Latino residents, proving that Texas has a diverse population. 

Is Moving to America Worth it?

The US exists only because of the multiple nationalities which populate it. No matter what happens during your migration, remember that the US is made up of a thousand unfamiliar cultures, peoples, and beliefs. In such a mixed bag of people, you can’t expect not to feel welcome. Everyone in America comes from somewhere else.


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