When Someone Gets Your Hopes up, but Never Follows Through


Have you ever gotten your hopes up and been let down? At some point in our lives, we’ve all done that, and we’ve all been there before. What’s important is not only to learn from our mistakes as far as getting our hopes up for something, but to embrace the fact that we didn’t get what we wanted. The reason to embrace the fact that we didn’t get whatever it was is because sometimes we don’t get what we want for different reasons. Perhaps we still need to have certain personal growth in our lives, before being able to achieve that goal, etc.

Perhaps we had our hopes on being with a certain special someone, but maybe they’re not the right person for you. If you didn’t end up with someone that you had hopes of being with (as typical as this may sound), perhaps you weren’t meant to be with that person. Maybe, just maybe, you’re supposed to be with someone else, a better fit, your perfect fit, someone more worthy of your love. Maybe this sounds like fairytale mambo jambo to you, but I believe this to be true with every grain of my being.

Sometimes we all have certain expectations in life, in people, and in ourselves. When we have high expectations, we may be setting ourselves up for being left in the slumps. It’s important to set goals, feel the drive within us, and do everything in our power to achieve our goals, so that we may accomplish them, and live our perfect dream life. Setting goals is crucial in achieving more in life, but having high expectations sets you up for disappointment.

One thing that plays over, and over in my mind, and sorely in my heart is the fact that there are people in this beautiful world that act so selfishly, getting other’s hopes up, knowing that in the end of the day, they won’t be able to keep their word, or give them what they want. It’s lamentable that people find the need to raise other’s hopes up, knowing that they can’t execute what they’ve said.

I find it sad, and unfortunate that people mislead others in that regard. It’s unfortunate, because other than people getting let down, and feeling disappointed, they also begin to distrust others, carrying around a new form of baggage so to speak. Once people have been let down, and hurt from someone, they start to wonder if anyone keeps their word, and if everyone will act in the same manner. Then they need to recover from that hurt, learn to trust again, and not carry around a new, unfortunate wound.

This is why not getting your hopes up about someone or something is not only important, but crucial in finding true happiness. Remember, setting high goals, and reaching for the top, attaining the best in life, including searching for the best possible match in regards to love, is everything, and just how you should live your life. But, making promises that you cannot keep, getting people’s hopes up when you know that you won’t be able to come through, or follow through, is wrong.

If you don’t think that you can come through, finish what you start, or that you won’t ultimately end up with the person that you’re dating or in a relationship with, you should stop your toxic actions now, before you cause more distress in someone else’s or your own life. If you’re the person that has been misled, lied to, or led on by someone etc., then you need to recognize the signs, learn from what you’ve experienced, and don’t let people take advantage of you anymore. Stop believing every word that people say, and especially, when they’ve let you down many times before. It’s good to be a trusting person, but when you see that a person doesn’t deserve your trust, stop giving it to them.

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