Major Job Role and Responsibilities of a Qualified Optician



The eye specialists or the ophthalmologists only prescribe the uses of eyeglasses for the treatment of nearsightedness or farsightedness of their patients. However, what many people don’t know is that people can get their eyeglasses with accurate prescribed features from a licensed optician in an optical shop. Many optical clinics will hire certified dispensing opticians or optometrists for providing the best visual aids to their customers. It is considered to be a responsible job with high salaries and other perks. Thus, lots of young men and women are drawn to this job prospect and they receive the necessary qualifications to enter this job field. 

Notable Duties Generally Performed By an Optician

  • The prescription written by an ophthalmologist can be correctly explained only by a trained optician. He can understand and interpret the medical terms used in the prescriptions correctly. Thus, the patients can be sure of getting accurate glasses and other eye care aids prescribed for them.
  • There are numerous varieties of frames for eyeglasses in the optical shops. The competent opticians can match the perfect frame for all their patients; based on their facial shapes and sizes, the comfort of the users and their personal style preferences. Likewise, these dispensing opticians can also suggest the use of best quality eye lenses as well.
  • Experienced opticians can advise their customers about the proper uses of the contact lenses and how to take the best care of these delicate products. They are well trained to perfectly fit the prescribed lenses in the eyes of the patients so that they do not feel uncomfortable at all after putting in those tiny lenses.
  • It is the basic responsibility of an optician to take accurate measurements of the face of a customer, to make sure that the eyeglasses are positioned perfectly over his/her eyes. It is the optician’s duty to make the customer look stylish and also feel good on wearing the eyeglasses that are finally delivered to him/her.
  • The expert opticians are well aware of all the optical products that are needed for curing the vision problems of patients. Thus, they can check and place orders for creating a large inventory of optical aids that are needed by the maximum number of customers. They also keep the shop display at an attractive condition, to ensure a good amount of sales from that optical center.
  • It is the ethical duty of the optician to check the eyeglasses or the contact lenses, before delivering to the customers. He requests the patients to wear their vision aids in the shop and confirms that they have received the right products.
  • The opticians maintain good relations with the reliable suppliers of optical products, for maintaining good stocks of these essential items. They also update themselves with the current introductions of the optical products of the latest designs.
  • In large optical clinics, the senior opticians act as teachers to the new or trainee aspirants of this job. They impart practical lessons of dealing with the customers and how to satisfy them with the best quality optical products. 

Normally, people can undergo Optician’s Certification Programs after completing their high school studies. However, Bachelor’s degree is now preferred by many optical clinics for the appointment of the opticians. They learn all the technical know-how of the eyewear products and the strategies of dealing with the customers, during these certification programs. There are numbers of institutes imparting such certification programs for aspiring opticians. Moreover, some clinics also demand some practical experience of working as a dispensing optician, to be sure of the capabilities of handling all kinds of optical products. As these opticians also have a sales target, they need to have some sales skills.


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