Make It Yours: How to Personalize Your New Home



You just closed on your brand new home, and you are exhausted from the closing and moving process. The exhilaration of being a homeowner is the experience of a lifetime, but the finishes, fixtures, and paint colors may not be to your liking. There are simple ways that you can create the home of your dreams.

Add Color

Realtors will always recommend that sellers make the house as neutral as possible to get buyers. This helps buyers imagine their own belongings in the house. After the sale, it can leave you with a piece of real estate that doesn’t quite fit you or your belongings, but that means that gives you the option to change it however you want.

To brighten a room, add a fresh coat of paint. Though you may want to keep most of the room neutral, an accent wall will add a splash of color and interest. Just make sure that it complements the furnishings of the room.

Plants are a good way to make a room feel lighter, even if the colors of the room are darker. A bouquet will add some charm to the space, as well as some color. Choose vibrant colors to coordinate with the seasons. Experiment with different combinations of flowers and vases for a unique complement to your design. If you don’t want to keep changing out the flowers for fresh ones, add some potted plants instead.

Do Some Landscaping

From townhomes to cookie-cutter developments, fresh landscaping can make any home more inviting. You can plant flowerbeds, add shrubs, or even make your herb garden. You can also opt to have the project done professionally, but you can keep simple with some potted plants. Create even more ambiance with some patio furniture for the perfect family gathering spot.

Create a Spot for the Kids

Children love having their area in the house for themselves. The corner of your office or kitchen can become their reading nook with some pillows and beanbag chairs. Another idea is putting a tepee in their bedroom. Kids love feeling like they have secret hiding places that they can be alone from their parents.

Hang Photos

Your family pictures tell the story of your lives, and hanging them up is an easy way to add warmth to your home. You can experiment with different groupings, locations, and frames until you find what fits best. If you like to switch up your decor each season or for the holidays, you may want to find versatile frames that will fit any season. Another option is to reserve certain pictures for different times of the year. This is a good idea when you have so many pictures that hanging them all makes the walls look cluttered. Every few months, change out the pictures you have hanging, cycling through them.

Hanging a lot of pictures can quickly damage your walls. To keep them as intact as possible, use hanging strips instead of nails whenever you can. This will limit unsightly damage to your walls.

Switch Light Fixtures

A custom chandelier is likely to grab the attention of your guests. A new light can revitalize any dull room, and installation is not that complicated. This change is a great do it yourself project on the weekend with your better half.

We all know that the home is where the heart is, so let it show. With some personal flair and creativity, your house will become a home. To keep from becoming overwhelmed and to keep costs manageable, add small changes over time.


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