Light Up Your Home: Awesome Tips You Should Definitely Try



You might already be tired of hearing about the importance of good lighting design in your home, but the fact of the matter is that it is, in fact, that important. The layout and the lighting solutions you decide to go with can truly either make or break the entire design of your home.
Not only that, but the lighting you choose to install in your home will affect the overall atmosphere in your property and set the mood in the space. If you get it right, you’ll be left with a stunning interior whose pizzazz is only emphasized with the right use of light. To learn how to do it right, however, keep on reading.

Plan Out the Layout



First and foremost, before you get down to choosing the prettiest lamps and the best lighting bulbs for your interior, you first need to determine where you want your lighting sources to be placed. When thinking about the lighting layout in your room and the way you want to layer it, do know that it will depend on the type and purpose of the room you’re trying to illuminate, as well as the amount of light the room experiences during the daytime. For instance, your bedroom will naturally require fewer fixtures than your living room would. Also, in a huge space, you can consider implementing numerous ambient lighting fixtures, especially if we’re talking about an open floor plan.

Choose Overhead Hanging Fixtures Carefully

The first layer of lighting you want to implement is overhead or ambient lighting. This fixture has the purpose to illuminate the entire room, equally dispersing light to all corners of the space. Of course, depending on the height of the room, you can choose to go with either a hanging fixture or the one that’s fixed to the ceiling. Also, depending on the size of the room, you can choose a fixture with a single light bulb or you can go with the one that has multiples if the room’s size requires a greater illumination power.

Go Quirky With Task Lighting Fixtures


Task lighting fixtures, as their name suggests, are used to provide you with enough light to perform a certain task. These fixtures are commonly placed on (or above) bedside tables, end tables or under kitchen cabinets. Floor lamps are also another form of task lighting most commonly used in reading nooks.

By choosing the right fixtures for your interior, you can even add a personal touch to space or express your personal style. Aussies, as probably one of the most fashionable groups of people, do know just how important it is to match the style of your home with your personal taste. That’s precisely why you can find a myriad of amazing lighting stores in Sydney that offer such stunning designs that you’ll surely find something that matches your personal aesthetics. With these, you can even choose to go a bit quirky and unconventional and have them serve as the statement decor piece as well.

Pay Special Attention to Accent Lighting

Accent lighting, as the name suggests, is most commonly used to emphasize a certain design element in the room or a particularly interesting piece of décor. That’s why you should be careful when choosing these. The best way to go is to choose something delicate and neutral in design, to avoid having it draw all the attention away from the thing it’s supposed to accentuate. Here, people usually decide to go with neutral energy-efficient LED light bulbs, that provide the best dose of illumination while, at the same time, not wasting too much energy.

Be in Control

Finally, it would be best to install light dimmers wherever possible and even link your entire lighting system to your phone. This will allow you to be in control of the level of illumination and the overall atmosphere at any moment, allowing you to make the room brighter or dimmer whenever necessary. Also, if you install smart light sensors, you can program them to switch off every time the room is empty, to minimize the energy waste and thus make your home just a bit greener.

So, when thinking about how to illuminate your home, make sure you check some of these tips out. Remember to first determine the overall layout and see if there are certain parts of your home that need more light than the others. Finally, choose lighting fixtures that match your own aesthetics and don’t forget to go green with light bulbs not only to contribute to preserving the environment but to reduce your overhead costs as well.

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