Need to Move? How to Find the Best New Home for Your Family



We usually expect to live in a home for many years, maybe even for the rest of our lives. However, circumstances can change and leave us in need of a new place to live. It could be a job relocation, parents moving in, or a surprise baby. Whatever the case, the process of choosing a new home involves lots of decisions. Keep these five factors in mind as you shop.

Consider Your Hobbies

We all value our recreational pursuits. What better home to choose than one that makes it easy to participate in your favorite hobbies? That’s the logic behind many of the specialized developments you see today, such as golf front homes and cabins along a lakeshore. If you love to play golf or water ski, the convenience can be irresistible. Even if you have less location-specific hobbies, like hiking or jogging, considering what your home will offer those hobbies can narrow the choice down.

Plan for the Future

Growing households need options for expanding. Choose a home with space that can easily be converted into bedrooms as new family members arrive–or from bedrooms back into flexible spaces as the house becomes an empty nest. A house without flexibility is only suitable for a family that doesn’t expect changes, and there aren’t many of those. Think about whether you can create space for aging family members or adult children who may come back home after college.

Consider Energy Efficiency

A great way to save money in your new home is to choose one that makes the most of your energy dollar. Lighting, appliances, and climate control systems that meet modern standards and are in good condition will cost much less to operate than older, poorly maintained systems. Check the quantity and condition of insulation in the attic and crawlspace. Keeping utility costs at bay can really help you enjoy your new home. Of course, you can renovate if you have the means once you move in, but energy efficiency is another factor to help you make your choice.

Account for the Neighborhood

You’re only buying one home, but you can’t lose sight of the impact of the neighborhood. The length of a commute can be a major factor in determining how happy you are with your move. Being close to your local school or community center can also be a huge boon. Look at the condition of nearby homes. Does the neighborhood seem to be on its way up or on its way down? Are there kids in the area to play with your kids? Are there commercial or industrial developments underway in the area that could increase traffic? All of those factors will play into the long-term value and comfort of your home.

When you shop for a new home, you need to think about what your family’s recreation, growth, and finances. The right home can go hand in hand with what your future holds. Consider these factors as you shop for your home and you are sure to find the best possible new home for your family.


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