Who to Tell if Your Spouse Hurts Your Children



Physical abuse is a very serious issue, one that no parent can afford to take lightly. If you have suspicions that your spouse may be hitting your children, knowing who to tell and where to turn for help can be issues of paramount importance. Failing to alert the authorities or to properly document your suspicions or details pertaining to an abusive incident is a misstep that could limit your options and make it far more difficult to ensure the safety of your children.

Police and First Responders

Physical abuse can often lead to serious injury, especially in situations where the abuse goes unreported or when parents fail to take action. Calling the police should you catch your spouse in the act of hitting your child or summoning an ambulance in order to deal with a potentially-serious injury can provide you with a valuable opportunity to relate your version of events.

Police and first responders have training and access to other resources that can allow you to better deal with the situation. Take pictures so you can have photographic evidence later in court. If you feel unsafe asking the police for help then call an ambulance and tell the paramedics you are in a domestic abuse situation when you are away from your spouse. You can even slip a note.

The medics can keep it in their medical chart so you can use it you’re your records in the future when you fight for custody.  You don’t want an abuser to have time with the children. The paramedics can contact law enforcement and keep you safe.  If you are threatened into silence about what happened, take this as a red flag to get law enforcement involved.

Medical Professionals

A full medical examination following a potentially-serious injury is also a wise precaution. Discussing your concerns, relating your suspicions or reporting known physical abuse to a doctor or other medical professional can also make a real difference. Records of your conversation or documents detailing the finding of a medical examination could be key assets in a custody battle or in situations where you may need to take legal action in order to keep your children safe.

Find a Trusted Friend

In situations where you may have nothing more to go on than your suspicions, a trusted friend is often the best place to turn. Finding a way to document your conversations in order to make a record of any important details as well as the time frame is always a wise precaution. Even a well-documented personal conversation can be a major asset in the days ahead to prove that you were afraid and in a hostile environment.

Getting Help

If you are unable to deal with the situation on your own, knowing where to seek help could end up making a life-saving difference. Contacting a domestic violence specialist like Wilder law firm can provide you with plenty of information regarding your situation and safety options. Contacting a lawyer can often be an important initial step towards keeping your children safe. This doesn’t mean you are a bad person or wish ill will upon anyone, but a line has already been crossed and this can help keep your children alive. Believe your spouse’s actions, not their words. They can change, but that means your situation will too. This can include you having the law on your side for protections and accountability.

Child abuse is a serious problem, one that may require you to take swift action. Documenting your suspicions, speaking with a professional or calling a lawyer may all be essential efforts in situations where you suspect your spouse of abusing your children.


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