Problems and Solutions of Birds Around the House



Birds make great pets when you have them willingly around the house. However, we don’t live in an ideal world, so you will get a lot of unwanted birds coming to your property and causing a variety of problems. In this article, we will talk about all of the ways that birds can cause problems for you and how to fix them.

What Different Species of Birds Can Do to Your Property

Depending on the species of bird you are having trouble with, you will get different types of problems. Although there are usually various types of small birds around your house ( especially if you’re living in a rural area) most of them do not cause any serious problems for you. However, it is not the case with owls, pigeons, and crows.


Owls are known for hunting small rodents but they can also hunt livestock, which would make for a nightmare on a farm. That’s why when you have docks, hens, and other small animals on your farm, you should be doubly cautious about owls.


Pigeons are mostly a nuisance since they travel in flocks of 50 – 500 birds, so if they choose your property as suitable, you will have major problems getting rid of them in the long run. The sight of bird feces will become the new norm


Crows are very intelligent animals, which can be a problem if you are their target. They will notably drop stuff around your house that eventually turns into mold. At other times, they may carry around rocks only to throw them on your property. This might sound like a joke but in 2012. there was a notable case in Russia where crows threw rocks at an MP’s car dealing large damage to the vehicle. Since crows can remember faces really well, getting rid of them by destroying their nests is not a desirable approach. So, try to make the property as unattractive as possible for them. Install spikes and spring wires in order to destimulate them from staying there. After a little while, they will simply leave because they can go to an easier place to make their nests in

Use Aluminum Foil

One of the easiest ways of making your property unappealing to birds is by using aluminum foil. If you notice birds in your garden around specific plants or locations, you can place strips of aluminum foil around the locations they are repeatedly coming back to. Aluminum foil has a specific sensation and birds avoid touching it with their beaks. Another solution is by hanging the foil on trees so that they reflect the sun’s beams into their eyes making it a less desirable location to nest in.

Using Fishing Wire

If you have a pool, chances are that some birds will be aware of it and on their way. Hanging fishing wires from a high place can greatly destimulate birds from staying in your area due to the existence of obstacles preventing them from landing freely. As a result, they will simply look for other places where they can land (and potentially build their nests).

Bird Netting

Bird netting is a physical barrier that prevents birds from landing on parts of the structure and different objects. They are especially effective when you want to prevent them from going near your fruit trees or the plants and flowers in the garden.

Shock Fences

We don’t mean getting a high-voltage shock fence that will instantly kill the birds, no. Instead, opt for a shock fence that will apply a small shock to any animal that touches the fence (not enough for it to be painful, but enough to be memorable), resulting in the animal remembering the location and the effect so that it won’t be coming back anymore. This is a common (and successful) strategy on farms that deters birds from staying on the property. It also teaches birds to avoid certain parts of the property.

Install Decoys of Predators

It isn’t uncommon for birds to be making nests around the garden, deck, or pool, along with other places. Be aware that if birds are making a nest in your gutter, they can cause serious problems down the road. They can block the flow of water and cause a clog, resulting in mould and mildew appearing, damage to the roof’s fascia, and making the gutters become loose. Worst case scenario, you will need to get a gutter replacement. This is why it can be beneficial to purchase a predator decoy (an artificial owl or a snake) to scare the potential nesters off.

Birds will be flying above the location and will only see the object from a distance which will be enough to sway them not to land in your location. This works perfectly at the start, but later on, they will realize that something is not right. With this in mind, we advise you to move the decoy from time to time so that it would simulate a real animal. If you feel that 1 decoy isn’t enough, you can opt for 2-3 instead. You can usually get artificial predators in your local hardware store.


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