Questions to Ask Caterers Before You Hire Them



When it comes down to arranging an engagement party for your son or daughter you would like to tick all the checkboxes. You would always want to give your guests a perfect party and make arrangements for a beautiful and big venue, DJs, bartenders, decorators for the venue, and many more. But often the one thing that people will remember about your child’s engagement party is the quality of food served at the party. Hiring a quality engagement party catering service should be the top priority. Hire a great catering service.

Having good quality catering service is not only essential, but it can also make up for other things. So, with the topmost priority on the list, you must know a few things before choosing a caterer.

Consider Giving a Closer Look at the Number of Invitees

Whichever caterer you select they must have no problems with the number of invitees to your party. This is one of the top priority things that has to be set right at the start of the discussion.

An engagement party catering service should generally handle hundreds or even thousands of invitees comfortably.

The one thing that you must understand is that this is what separates the best caterers from the average caterers. The top-quality caterers can make delicious recipes even when the volume is huge. So, it is important to choose the ones who can cater to a large crowd without any hassle. Matching the cost with your budget.

Whenever it comes down to an engagement party you must decide on a budget first. Because as mentioned there are other costs like venue booking cost, decoration cost, hiring DJs, bartenders, etc.

Take a quote from different caterers that you approached and think that they are suitable for your party. Now, compare the prices and go with the one that is fine for you.

Check Certifications and Licenses Before You Hire Caterers

There are some certifications and licenses that determine the quality of caterers. If they have these certifications, then they are registered with the authorities and have permission from the local body to act as a catering agent.

So, if you wish to maintain the quality of your engagement party catering service then check for the licenses and certifications. ‘

Check for Their Reviews Before You Hire Them

When it comes to hiring a quality caterer you must check the reviews. And how can you do that? Well, you have many sources. The internet is your primary source. So, check out on the internet to find out what other people who had hired the same caterers had to tell or rate.

Also, try to find out what type of occasions have they worked for so far. Your second source of information is the caterers themselves.

Ask the Caterers for a Taste of the Menu

You might be wondering about how you can taste the food before the party itself. But the best engagement party catering service owners will give you a demo of the final menu that has been chosen for the grand occasion. They will provide you with a small illustration of the quality and taste of the food. 

Inform the Caterers of Your Venue Location

This is important for one reason. Some caterers generally work within a given locality. If your venue location is outside of this catchment then they might reject you or may have difficulty in arriving. According to the venue they also have to arrange for a few things like cooking stuff, utensils, and all that.

These are just some of the 6 points. Apart from these, there could be other points as well. If you follow these six points then you will surely hire a quality engagement party catering service.


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