7 Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Home



Feeling at ease in your home is the key to truly being one with space. To achieve this, you need to create a comfortable atmosphere that will allow you to be yourself. Every person knows what that special something is that brings warmth into your space. To help you discover it, here are 7 easy ways to cozy up your home to guide you in the right direction.

1. Use Lighting to Create Warmth

The way you use light in your space can define the mood of the room. Instead of opting for single overhead light, choose various lamps and task lighting. Natural light is always the best choice to bring warmth into your home, but when the sun goes down direct illumination so that it creates focal points. Candles are a welcoming addition to your lighting plan, especially scented ones that can add aromatherapy with their fragrances.


2. Let Nature Bring Life Into Your Space


Nature always has a calming effect on people and spaces, so adding plants both to your interior and exterior can cozy up your home. Plants can help you accessorize the room by choosing pots, baskets, and planters that will enrich your décor. Use different shapes and sizes of your green companions to create layers and textures in any room. However, don’t forget the flowery kinds since they will bring color and joy into the space making it friendly and pleasant.

3. Spread the Rugs

Bare hardwood floors are not uninviting, but rugs and carpets can make any space homier. The notion they warm up your feet makes them cozier even before you spread them on your floors. Every room in the house can get away with rugs, even the bathroom, and kitchen. If that is not your style, a plush and comfy bathmat will do the trick. You can create different textures and amp up your coziness level by layering rugs on top of one another. Alternatively, a Persian-style rug can serve as an art piece and highlight a certain area of your home.


4. Cozy Up Your Seating Area

A seating area is usually the place where you frequent the most so turning it into your serene sanctuary is a priority. If you don’t need a new set of sofas and chairs, then a few simple things, like throw blanket and pillows are enough. Poufs are laid back way to create a more welcoming seating area by the fireplace or any other place. Moreover, if this is something that speaks to your inner peace, replace the furniture with these low and soft seats, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere with your guests.

5. Fill Your Shelves With Books

You probably often hear people say that sitting in a plush chair and reading while surrounded by books is a perfect way to relax. Maybe this is even your perfect moment. The ideal way to allow yourself to enjoy this is by filling your shelves with books. They bring nostalgia and serenity to the place, making your home more snug and pleasant.

6. Communicate Your Wishes to Professionals

Sometimes we know what we want but not how to make it come true. This is where designers, architects, and home builders, like Statesman Homes can make all the difference. Tell them what cozy means to you, and work with them of transferring that idea to your home. It may be a more expensive choice, but it is money well-spent and you wouldn’t have to worry about ruining the vibe of your space.


7. Let Art Do the Talking

Nothing is more opposite from coziness than empty walls. They make the place stark and detached from your inner self. Thankfully, art is always there to offer comfort and an abundance of emotions. Even having one piece of art on the whole wall can speak volumes to an observer. Original artwork is always a sound investment, but if you are decorating on a budget, prints will do just fine. Those who are not crazy about nails, try adhesive strips or hooks to avoid hammering and creating holes in the walls.

In the End

Like with any decorating endeavor — listen to yourself. Cozying up your home is more than making a few changes, it’s about creating an improved vibe of your space. Follow this guide, consult professionals, and don’t make hasty decisions. Allow an idea to sink in so you can completely feel its power of coziness.

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