5 Romantic Ways to Propose to an Introvert



If you want to propose to an introvert, you need to understand them. Otherwise, you might end up feeling uncomfortable. Avoid a big gesture in front of a crowd.  Here are a few ideas you might want to try.

You want to make sure that whatever you do is going to take the preferences of your partner into account. If they are easily embarrassed then you don’t want their memory of this great night to be flooded by embarrassment. If they feel uncomfortable in new environments or with surprises than make sure that you create a cozy environment that will bring them a sense of calm excitement.

1. Make it Private and Intimate

Choosing a private location with only the two of you present makes your proposal more intimate. Since introverts are often known for their love of romance, you can make it ideal. Alternatively, if your partner prefers simplicity, you can create a special proposal scene at home or somewhere else. Consider her unique personality, preferences, and beliefs. In fact, introverts are rarely if at all social, so avoid crowds.

2. Have a Scenic View

One thing introverts tend to love is the beauty and solitude of nature. Remember to pick out truly unique engagement rings for your partner. You can also ask for permission to visit a church with no interruptions. A few other ideas are taking a hot air balloon ride, bike ride to a beautiful area, hike up a mountain together or a picnic at the beach.

3. Utilize Creative Ideas

You can have fun using creative ideas for your proposal. Since introverts often have unique interests, you might want to use these. For starters, your partner might be a fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter or Star Trek. You can use your sense of humor and dress as his favorite character to propose. Furthermore, add decorations that fit your partner’s personality type to the location. You can still be creative and unique without embarrassing them with a big public gesture.

4. Include Friends and Family

If your partner doesn’t mind some attention on her, you can ask a few close friends or family members to be there. For instance, introverts know who they can and can’t tolerate in their personal life. Introverts spend a lot of time alone, which makes them highly sensitive to people and their environment.

5. Make Sure to Be Yourself

One of the most important things to remember is to be yourself. Introverts absolutely despise someone who’s not genuine. Your personality and personal feelings matter more than anything to an introvert. In order to be yourself more, you can try creative activities such as drawing, painting or listening to music. These will help you learn to express your feelings in a healthy manner.

You can gain a clearer understanding of introverts by reading about their personality types on various blog websites. For example, there are INFP, INFJ and INTJ personality types. Once you understand your unique significant other more, you might fall even deeper in love.


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