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Many small businesses rely on local SEO Services to increase their web traffic and visibility to stay in business and dominate their industry. Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”, is an online marketing strategy designed to help business owners by means of ranking their website (and digital presence) on major search engines such as in Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Bing. An expertly performed plan of action will help the client (the local business owner) get more leads, conversions, new customers, and/or clients.

(Note: a customer is usually a result of a transaction and a client is a result of a business relationship. An SEO professional understands the importance of cultivating business relationships with clients similar to other consultants in other industries alike in finance, legal services, construction, and medical services).

With an advanced SEO strategy that details a solid plan of action for the entire year, a client will enjoy the benefits of higher visibility both locally and organically for competitive keywords and phrases. A critical principle an SEO consultant applies to a client’s SEO Services is that every client’s goals and objectives is different, so no one SEO strategy fits every circumstance. It’s proper for an SEO company (or expert) to design each client’s SEO strategy to achieve realistic results.

SEO Services essentially ranks a client’s website to boost (and maintain) visibility, sales, and web traffic. A typical SEO strategy includes 14 components, which are:

•Content Writing

•Content Optimization

•Competitive Analysis

•Link Building


•Citations (for local businesses)

•Keyword Research

•Indexing Keywords

•Website Optimization

•Webpage Optimization

•Website Analysis

•Title Tags

•Traffic Monitoring


These are the most popular guidelines an SEO company (or expert) follows in ranking for keywords for a client’s industry. SEO or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) continues to become more complex with the development of algorithm updates and technology. It’s wise for a client to turn to a true professional in the field of SEO in Los Angeles that has helped numerous people in their years as a consultant. A digital marketing strategist is not only technically skilled in the latest trends, but should also be inclined to the area of copywriting, design, and following the principles of putting the whole SEO package together for the client.

Does My Business Need SEO Services?


It’s important to understand that not all web traffic is used for leads, new customers, or to grab the attention of prospective clients. Some businesses thrive with an SEO strategy and other businesses do not. If you’re a business owner and you run a local services company, you’ll benefit from SEO marketing because you’ll have visibility on Google’s map pack and rank organically for keywords (that’s related to your services). A local services company can increase their bottom line in a matter of months. Here are a few services that can benefit from local SEO:

•Appliance Repair

•Electrician Services

•Plumbing Services

•Garage Door Repair

•Home Inspection

•Commercial Painting

•Home Care Services



•Plastic Surgery


•Coffee Shops

•Pet Supplies

•Tutoring Services

E-commerce websites, bloggers, or fashion sites usually do not make suitable candidates for search engine marketing. An alternative digital marketing strategy that’s extremely effective in pulling results is in Social Media Marketing (or SMO, “social media optimization”). If a blogger or an e-commerce business owner decides to utilize digital marketing for views, partner links, or customer acquisition, social media pulls data from accounts that have previously expressed interest in it. Understanding the benefits of leveraging that data can prove to be more beneficial for e-commerce, personality figures, bloggers, and other media platforms in achieving their goals and objectives.

A great SEO candidate is a business owner that wants local visibility and makes it easy for their potential customer, or client to find them by typing in keywords that are relevant to their line of work. For best results in local search engine marketing, a client should have a local office and a phone number which will help search engines crawl their site more efficiently to pull the most relevant information for searches. 

The SEO Consultation


The consultation (whether it’s in-person or over the phone) is a great opportunity to accomplish several objectives:

The SEO Consultant will determine whether your business is a good candidate for SEO

b) You will learn more about the SEO process directly from the consultant

c) You can start to set realistic goals and objectives to rank your website for keywords

The consultant will run an analysis on your website and determine the most important efforts in ranking your website. The expert will do a keyword analysis and perform a full website audit to better understand it’s on-page optimization and off-page optimization. Sometimes a website may have too many irrelevant links, or is over-optimized with an anchor text backlink and prevents the site to grow in the SERPS, or “search engine results page”. The expert will ask the business owner or webmaster questions about their previous experience in hiring an SEO Company, including the strategies involved for ranking.

It’s also practical for the business owner, or webmaster to ask questions and bring up any concerns regarding their SEO marketing. Prior to initiating a campaign, it’s wise to discuss the plan of action and how the SEO Expert plans to approach your digital marketing.

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  1. Local business listings are the easiest and best place to start SEO efforts that can quickly benefit a small business. Search engines look to business listings and directories to gather information about your company and the consistency of those listings provide value to Google and help determine local search results. Mark Logan

  2. I’m been struggling with optimizing my site for awhile. I’m not even ranked on Google and it’s so important for my business. I never even heard of citations before I read this post. I had no idea that there’s such a thing called on-page SEO. Very cool and informative info. You pointed me in the right direction. I’m trying to rank my site and I needed this. I enjoyed reading this SEO series article.

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