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One of the biggest factors in developing a healthy and happy relationship is having great communication. Communication is one of the main things that holds a relationship together. It’s a foundation pillar that has the power to bring happiness or unhappiness for couples. When couples don’t feel able to communicate their feelings to one another openly and freely, their relationship likely won’t thrive, won’t last very long, and one or both of the people in the relationship will feel unheard, disconnected, and ultimately unhappy.

One way that people have frequently started communicating more and more is via text message. I’m almost positive that I’m not alone in feeling that it’s nearly impossible at times to get certain thoughts across to someone in a text message. Text messages should be used for little things like good morning, how’s your day going, good night, and setting up a time to meet, etc. People should use text messaging in addition to having normal telephone conversations with someone that they care for.

Even when someone is incredibly busy and works 80 to 100 hours a week, they can still make the time to call someone that they love and care for if they really want to. Even if telephone conversations are short and sweet, they can still be had, and despite someone’s busy schedule. If someone wants you in their life and they want you to know how much they care about you, they’ll make the time to give you a proper phone call. They’ll do so because they want to, and not because they have to. As well, they’ll do so not solely so that you’ll feel they’re doing things the right and proper way. But more so, because they actually want to call you, they want to hear your voice, and maybe even because they miss you.

My point is that when someone cares about you enough, time won’t be a factor, and they’ll know better than to solely text message you. They’ll want to hear your voice and do things the normal way, by calling. Many times, when people choose to text someone, rather than to call them on the telephone, many things that they text can be misconstrued, sent as typos, or possibly not even get sent at times. A lot of times, what we text others can be understood and interpreted in many different ways.

The last thing that you’d want for someone that you are about to do is to sit and contemplate what you actually meant by what you texted. This is something that can be easily prevented if people would call more than text. On one hand, we should always give new situations a genuine chance by giving our partner the benefit of the doubt, a clean slate, and automatically know that their intentions are pure with what they say and do. Having said that, if someone is mostly just texting us, sometimes it’s hard to tell what they might actually mean. Especially, when you don’t know them very well yet.

So many relationship problems, arguing, and even bickering can be prevented by having healthy communication. Healthy communication is a basic necessity if you want to predominantly get along stably. When people text often, as I said, things can be misconstrued. You can save yourself, your partner, and your relationship a lot of unnecessary heartache and turbulence by simply calling more than texting.

Another thing that can prevent many unnecessary arguments for couples is not to discuss big things and important matters where genuine feelings are involved via text message. That’s just an avalanche waiting to happen. Who has the time or energy to send emotional, angry emojis back and forth anyway. Save texting for greetings, sweet messages, just because texts, and when to meet up. It’s imperative to discuss important matters on the phone, or even better, face to face whenever possible.

Nothing’s worse than when someone only text messages someone they care about, and never picks up the phone and actually dials their number to talk. You can’t truly get to know another person via text message. In the same manner, many times people simply aren’t big texters, and they don’t want to bother with text messaging, because they feel it’s beneath them, and immature in certain ways. As well, there are many people that actually prefer the old-fashioned method of talking on the phone.

Having said that, it can also be somewhat annoying and a nuisance if someone never texts messages, because, at times, that ends up being a more convenient method of communicating during our busy days when were unable to pick up the phone. But just remember, no matter how busy someone is, they can always make the time at some point during the day or even at night to touch base, and talk on the phone.


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