Spending Too Much Time at Home? 4 Ways to Upgrade It to Be More Livable



The pandemic might have you sitting at home staring at your four (or more) walls too often. Make good use of that time to plan upgrades for your living space. You don’t have to spend a fortune to redo your entire house. Work on projects that will provide the greatest improvement while not wrecking your budget. Even small decorative changes give your home a big upgrade.

Update Your Windows

Sitting by the windows to relax or work from home means you need optimum light balanced with adequate shade at various times of the day. If your windows are scratched, chipped, clouded, or rattling when the wind blows, it’s probably time to think about getting a window glass replacement estimate. Whether for one or more windows, new glass will bring a different perspective to a room due to its updated design and appeal. With coordinating blinds or drapes, your windows will breathe fresh air into your house no matter how you are spending your time at home. It can also help you save money on your energy bills, by letting less cold air in or less warm air out.

Get New Flooring

You can refinish scuffed wooden floors to look completely different and beautiful. They can be stained a few shades lighter or darker to go with the room’s décor. Accent rugs in strategic locations will add color. Decorations like these can create a streamlined theme throughout the room and the rest of the house. You might prefer having new carpet installed to brighten and update one or more of your rooms. Carpets can also be nice to hang out or walk on with bare feet. These suggested methods can provide a new way to be comfortable in your house.

Renovate the Bathroom

Since everyone in the household uses the bathroom, they will appreciate new faucet hardware, a re-glazed or new bathtub and shower, and an updated toilet with a handrail for aging family members. Put up a vibrant shower curtain that meshes with the window curtains. Your bathroom will take on a new look. Add a sink countertop in a bright or neutral shade to balance with the walls and floor.

Fix Up the Kitchen

Your kitchen is the other room in the house where everyone spends time cooking, eating, or chatting. Get new appliances if your current ones are looking old and worn. Replace the countertops in a new Formica or granite style that coordinates with your cupboards. A suspended light with a stylish design hanging above the sink or in the middle of the ceiling can brighten this valuable space. Paint the walls to remove splashes, drips, and steam residue.

Make the most of your time at home by reimagining your home’s interior. Adapt it to your family’s current lifestyle needs and decorating tastes. With the above suggestions, as well as whatever your preferences and needs are, you are sure to have a home upgrade that will provide more comfort. As you continue to stay at home, consider what you can change to make the experience more pleasant.


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