The Most Effective Keychain Self-Defense Devices



Whether you’re searching for ways to stay safe while traveling on vacation or simply looking for the most practical self-defense items to keep with you daily, it is always best to opt for a device that you feel comfortable using. Not everyone finds the idea of keeping a stun gun, as accidentally shocking yourself is quite a frightening thought. Fortunately, self-defense devices come in all shapes and sizes, and some are even quite fashionable too, which means they will blend in well; carrying around a visible defense device is often not the best idea.

Whatever your reason might be for shopping around for a defense device may be, we have rounded up this list of the best defense products that will fit on your keychain. Because you will never leave your house without your keys, keychain defense devices are often the most practical as you don’t have to remember to pack them in; they will be accessible when you need them most.

Pepper Spray Keychain

A pepper spray keychain is the compact version of the regular-sized pepper spray device. Despite the compact version being a bit smaller, the impact will be the same when warding off an attacker. However, pepper spray is usually available in two varieties; one sprays a direct line of pepper formula while the other covers a broader range. Choosing the right one will depend on your accuracy of use, although both are highly effective. What’s more, you can find fashionable keychain pepper sprays as there is a wide assortment of colors, and some are even covered in bling cases to appeal as a regular keychain accessory. When opting for a pepper spray keychain, be sure to consider the press action design as well. You will need to be able to use the device in a desperate situation, so some designs that have flick covers are not always the best options. Although once you find the right one for you, there’s no doubt you will feel a lot safer.

Personal Alarm Keychain

Personal alarm keychains are keychain devices that set off an alarm tone to scare off attackers. in addition to this, these handy devices will also keep you safe by alerting others that you are in danger. You can use this device as a panic button depending on the model, as some are connected to a service that sends out an alert to emergency services. They are also available in a massive variety of colors and designs; they will blend in well with the rest of your keychain accessories. Because these keychain safety devices are not weapons, it will be worth your while to get one as an additional device while also investing in a defensive weapon keychain such as pepper spray or others. Before purchasing a personal alarm keychain, be sure to determine what kind of features it has to offer you, as more features will generally offer you heightened safety and peace of mind.

Pocket Knife Keychain

A pocket knife keychain is more suitable for those who feel confident enough to use a knife when in danger. While most of us like to believe that we can defend ourselves with force, this is not always the case, as using a knife in defense can be traumatizing. With that said, in some cases, simply showing a knife may be enough to ward off an attacker that previously assumed you were defenseless. Furthermore, should you opt for a pocket knife keychain, be sure also to consider signing up for self-defense training that will teach you how to correctly use the weapon to defend yourself confidently without fatally harming anyone. Even though most assume that fatally wounding an attacker is justifiable, it is never ideal. You will want to avoid having to prove your innocence after already encountering such a traumatizing situation.

Spike Keychain

A spike keychain appeals as an ordinary accessory, although it can be used as an effective defense weapon when in danger. The spike keychain could be considered a safer variant to a pocket knife keychain, as you will be a lot less likely to accidentally injure yourself when carrying a spike than when handling a sharp pocket knife. Despite the additional safety of the keychain weapon, you will need to exert a lot more force when using a spike to defend yourself than you would when using a pocket knife, so you should first weigh out the relevant pros and cons when comparing these two similar keychain defense weapons. Moreover, spike keychains are also available in quite a variety, so be sure to pick one that looks practical and feels comfortable.

Other Self Defense Devices To Consider

Kitting out your keychain with defense devices is a practical way to ensure you never leave home without some form of personal protection. However, there are also other defense devices out there that you should consider for additional safety, especially if you are traveling abroad. These devices include stun guns and larger-sized pepper spray devices as prominent options. However, there are also numerous others, such as various defensive knives, handheld shock batons, regular batons, and a lengthy list of others. When it comes to self-defense weapons, it is wise to check the local laws as some regions do not allow the use of stun guns, while others may not allow you to carry and use a knife even in defense.

Regardless of the variety of self-defense devices or weapons that you opt for, it is crucial to know how to use them correctly; incorrect use could have you accidentally injuring yourself in a frenzy when faced with a dangerous encounter. So instead of only opting for devices or weapons, you should sign up for self-defense training. What’s more, because self-defense training is an extensive category of practices, you could consider various martial arts styles that range from jiu-jitsu, which enables you to use your attackers’ intimidating size against them. Or you could learn to perform the iconic roundhouse kick by taking up karate classes. Self-defense goes beyond devices that can be concealed as fashion accessories; knowing how to protect yourself is undeniably vital.


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