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Being married can be stressful, tiring, difficult, require hard work and be all around much different to how you might have imagined it on the day of your wedding. What it isn’t an excuse for though, is letting the passion in your relationship die. Keeping romance alive in marriages can be one of the keys to having a successful and happy marriage. This doesn’t just mean in the bedroom, it also means threading romance through other elements of your life, like how you communicate. One of the most surprising, in a good way, things you can do to that end is to indulge in the antiquated artform of love letter writing. It can be a really romantic thing to do for your partner and can help out the romance in all areas of your marriage. It’s such an unusual and outdated format that it can be difficult to know where to start, so here are some tips for putting together a really thoughtful and romantic letter to your husband.

1. Don’t Outsource

Asking someone else to write your love letter defeats the purpose of the letter at all. It has to be personal to make that special connection between you and your husband. Callum McDonald, a writer at BoomEssays and OxEssays, says that he gets strange requests: “Much to my surprise, I find myself frequently hired to write love letters from one spouse to another, which is a task that I never feel comfortable doing. It’s far too personal a thing for someone to ask me to do. So, my first piece of advice is, do it yourself or don’t do it at all.”

2. Think About Purpose

What’s driving you to write this letter? Why did you think it would be a good idea in the first place? Knowing the answer to this will really guide you in your search for how to get going on your love letter. Are you trying to spark a fire which will lead to the bedroom? Are you reminding your spouse of your commitment to them in the wake of some sort of dispute or personal problems? Are you just doing it for fun? Whatever the case is, as soon as you’ve identified the answer, you will have a much better guide for embarking on the writing.

3. Write Well 

A letter warrants a bit more attention than a text or something of the sort. It’s time for you to flex your creative muscle and get down some really good prose. I’d wager that you’re probably a bit out of practice. But messing it up could make the letter a bit underwhelming to read. So if you have doubts you could turn to services like EssayRoo, Academized or AustralianHelp who will proofread your letter for you. If you want some guiding examples for inspiration check out SimpleGrad and PaperFellows.

4. Don’t Get Hung Up on Formalities

Just write; forget about length, don’t worry about hand-writing, type of paper, type of pen etc. None of these things are important in the grand scheme of things. In fact, having a somewhat less refined letter shows passion and spontaneity in a way which will make your partner feel like you’re just interested in expressing love and not getting too worried about the actual act of writing the letter itself. They want to know that you are focused on them.

5. Make It About Them 

Which brings me to the final point. The love letter has to be written to them and all about them and the love you have for them. “It can be really tough to be open and vulnerable in this way. But a love letter needs to focus on your spouse, telling them all the things that you love about them and why they make you happy. By doing this you’re allowing them to feel appreciated and loved which is the purpose of writing a letter like that”, writes Emily Estavez, a writer from UKWritings and StateOfWriting. Tell them how they make you feel, what you like about their character, their body, their mind. All of the attention has to be focused on them intensely.


Writing a love letter isn’t easy and that may actually be one of the reasons why it isn’t done so much anymore. But it can be really satisfying to get right and can really help your marriage in a big way. Whatever it is you want your spouse to know, it’s a beautiful way of going about communicating.

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