Tips to Assist Your Aging Parents: Senior Living Solutions



It can be disheartening to watch your parents age past the point of caring for themselves as they once could. Unfortunately, there is just no stopping the hands of time. Identifying the mortality in our parents is often one of the hardest things for most young adults who have spent their lives relying on their parents’ care. At some point, it will become an important decision to move your aging parents’ residence as they may no longer be able to care for themselves. However, the hard decision requires careful consideration as what feels right for one family is by no means a universal solution for all.

Before you start searching for senior care services or get started renovating the basement in your home, you should consider all your options to ensure you and your parents are making the right decision.

Evaluate the Necessary Level of Care Required

We all age differently, and there is no standard level of care recommended for aging parents. Therefore you will need to evaluate and assess your parents’ health condition and mental stability before deciding on senior care assistance. This will need to be done with the help of qualified health practitioners. Once you can establish your aging parents’ overall health, you will have the best idea of what they need and what you can expect from their health in upcoming years.

This step will also help you determine which of the following senior living solutions is most suitable for your parents. As not all living solutions are the same, specific options will offer your parents additional care that they may need as they age.

Retirement Communities

A few impressive Arizona retirement communities offer seniors an exceptionally comfortable lifestyle within a senior community. Such communities usually offer residents an entertainment schedule that includes fun activities that are suitable for seniors. In many cases, moderate levels of senior care are provided within the community to assist aging residence.

Retirement communities are the perfect solution for aging seniors that are still independent and do not require full-time care. However, it will be best to evaluate retirement communities’ specifics near you to ensure offerings are suitable for your parents’ needs. In addition to this, you will also need to be sure the solution fits comfortably into your budget. Aging parents can be a financial strain for siblings, which is why you will need to evaluate your options carefully.

Live-In Senior Care Services

Live-In senior care services are an excellent solution for aging parents that do not want to be relocated in their twilight years. Yet, their fragility restricts their ability to care for themselves. The solution offers senior part-time or constant care. Therefore, such services can care for your parents in their home on a long-term basis.

Senior services are not restricted to live-in care assistance as you will be able to find services that assist with essential medications, senior transportation services, and various others. Taking advantage of such services may be vital if your parents live on their own or move into your home. The best way to determine which services will be necessary is to discuss options with your partner or spouse and your parents.

Senior Apartments

Senior apartments are an excellent solution for low-income seniors, as the government often funds the living option. However, senior apartments can also be built privately. The eligibility details of senior apartments vary substantially from region to region, so you will need to uncover the facts accordingly. This can be done with the help of the local housing authority. Once your parents qualify for subsidized care, you will be able to evaluate this option fully and what it has to offer.

Senior subsidized living solutions can differ substantially depending on your location, although it is best to do some research as most regions offer seniors a few benefits. While some areas offer reduced housing costs, others offer seniors a monthly pension payout to assist with living costs. Be sure to investigate all your parents’ offerings to ensure you can best care for your beloved parents as they age.

Nursing Homes

Some of us may shun the idea of letting our parents live in a nursing home, although it is often a vital step for fragile aging parents who cannot care for themselves. Nursing homes offer seniors a high level of care and assistance that you and your siblings may not be able to give your parents. If your parents suffer from conditions that affect seniors, such as Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and others, caring for your parents at home may be impossible.

Even if the idea makes you shudder, it is great to visit local nursing homes to understand fully what these living solutions offer. You may even find that your aging parents are far happier within a secure environment.

Renovate Your Basement

If you have an empty basement that seems like a waste of space, you could consider renovating the area to accommodate your aging parents. This senior living solution will require additionals such as a handicapped bathroom and other details, although the option can be exceptionally affordable. However, renovating your home to make space for your senior parents means you will need to discuss the upcoming changes with your family as the adjustment will be a bit of a challenge at first for everyone.

Alternatively, you could consider building a small bachelor flat if your backyard is large enough to accommodate the extra home. Making a small apartment is often a suitable solution for homeowners who want their senior parents close to them during their twilight years.

Make the Decision as a Family

Adjusting your parent’s living situation to make it more suitable for aging seniors is by no means a simple or an easy decision. Even though you may feel pressured to provide a certain level of care or luxury for your parents, you will need to consider details such as your financial situation, your parent’s health, and all your available options.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the decision, you should discuss all the possible paths with your family. Deciding with your parents and the rest of the family will alleviate most of the difficulty when making such a significant change.


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