Exciting Date Ideas That Will Set Your Heart Racing



Dates shouldn’t be boring. And while dinner and a movie is a classic, it will get old fast if it’s your go-to date every Friday night. Luckily, there are numerous date activities that will get your blood flowing and will satisfy your need for adventure. In fact, studies have shown that a bit of adrenaline can actually increase the attraction between a couple. Here are some exciting date ideas that will set your heart racing.

Tackle a Rock Climb

This is a great date idea for almost any couple as there are rock climbs available for virtually any skill level. All you need is a decent pair of sneakers and an intense drive to conquer the climb. There are also rock climbing opportunities almost anywhere. If there are no mountains in your area, or if there’s inclement weather, you can choose to do an indoor climb. If you live somewhere with scenic mountain views, take your climb there. You and your date will find a lot of satisfaction when you finally get to the top.

Go Skydiving

It is called ‘falling in love,’ right? For your next date, take that old saying literally. There’s a lot for you and your date to see during a skydive. The height will get your heart racing and give you a unique glimpse of the world below. You’ll both get a huge thrill from jumping out of a plane and hurtling to the ground before you deploy your parachute. If you or your date have never been skydiving before, you may want to consider a tandem skydive. You’ll have an experienced skydiver attached to you when you jump out of the plane, and they will stay with you until you reach the ground.

Try Out Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is an excellent date idea because there are tandem hang gliding options available. So, you and your partner can spend some time together, enjoying the great views around you as you navigate on the wind. Depending on the weather conditions, the two of you can stay in the air for hours.

Conquer a Zipline

Do you and your date like speed and adventure? If so, then you should definitely try conquering ziplining on one of your dates. Strapped into a harness and sent on your way down the line, you’ll be able to zip through the trees at top speeds, and you will be able to enjoy the scenery around you. You’ll be able to feel the wind whip through your hair and an adrenaline rush like no other. There are a variety of zip-lines that you can choose from with some of them going fairly slow, while others of them can reach speeds of more than 40 mph. Just make sure to wear comfortable, breathable clothing for your zipline adventure

Whether this is the first date or you’ve been together for decades, dates don’t have to be boring. There are plenty of exciting dates to take your loved one on. Try one of the exciting date ideas mentioned above or explore some other adventures. They will set your heart racing, and they will leave you with some pretty amazing memories.


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