Top Ways To Help Prevent or Repair Lost Hair



Hair loss is a problem for many men and even some women. It usually occurs as people grow older. However, you may be more susceptible to losing your hair because of your genetics, a medical condition, or certain external factors. If you want to prevent hair loss or try to restore some of the hair that you’ve already lost, here are a few methods that may give you good results.

Consume the Right Nutrients

Some vitamins and minerals can help make hair stronger and may even help spur new hair growth. You can either get more of these nutrients by eating more of the foods that contain them or taking them as dietary supplements. Foods that are rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, bell peppers, and strawberries, can help hair grow stronger and prevent hair loss. Increasing your vitamin E and B-complex vitamin intake can also be good for your hair. You should also try to get enough iron, zinc, and magnesium in your diet for optimum hair growth.

Use a Silk Pillowcase for Sleeping

Using a pillowcase that’s made of silk instead of cotton or polyester can be better for your hair. Silk doesn’t absorb the natural oils from your hair as other materials do, and this can help prevent hair dryness that may lead to additional hair loss. The smooth texture of silk can also be gentler on hair and may keep your hair strands from intertwining in the pillowcase and breaking.

Try a Medical Treatment

The only way to restore your hair or prevent more hair loss might be with a medical treatment that has been proven to give effective results. Different surgical and nonsurgical hair loss prevention and hair regrowth treatments are available for men and women. A medical professional can let you know which treatment will likely give you the best outcome. Virtue Labs, hair transplantation, and PRP therapy are among the most popular treatments. These have helped stop or reverse the effects of hair loss for many people. Another option is to use medication responsibly prescribed by your doctor. From your primary care doctor to an online physician such as 

Apply Natural Solutions

The secret to solving your hair loss problem might lie in nature, and some natural solutions may work well for stopping or preventing further hair loss. Coconut oil, which contains lauric acid, can be applied to your hair to help it retain more protein to prevent hair breakage. Olive oil often works great as a natural hair hydration solution that can keep your hair from getting dry and brittle. Aloe vera, castor oil, and egg yolk are other natural solutions that can stimulate more hair growth.

Hair loss doesn’t have to be as big of a problem for you if you find ways to take care of your hair. You can try different treatment options to find the one that works the best for you and seek medical advice if necessary. You might even try to ask your hairstylist or barber as well, they may have had or seen success with specific products.


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