Crafting Ideas To Try When You’re Stuck Inside



Whether you are stuck inside because of inclement weather, health concerns, or quarantine, crafting is a great way to make the hours pass while creating personal items. The Internet is an abundant resource for teaching yourself how to do everything from embroidery to knitting, from leatherworking to woodworking. The following are a few crafts you can make at home.

Tissue Paper Flowers

This craft is simple and comprised of items generally found around the house: tissue paper leftover from gift wrapping, scissors, and glue or tape. A chopstick can serve as a stem. While there are many different ways to fold and form a tissue paper rose, the basics tend to be the same. Videos are available if written instructions do not suit your learning style.

Homemade Candles

Candles are a great craft to get into making at home. Not only are they pleasant to use yourself, but they make wonderful gifts. You will need a pot in which to warm the wax and an electric stove or hot plate to provide heat. Candle-making supplies materials required include wax, a wick, a suitable container or mold, optional fragrance and colors, and popsicle sticks or skewers. Place the wick in the mold or container, warm the wax, add the color and scent if desired, and pour the wax into the container or mold. Use the skewers or sticks from popsicles to hold the wick in its desired place. Once the wax has cooled, you can trim the wick to an appropriate length.

Cold Porcelain

If you like to play with clay but have none on hand, there is a type of homemade clay known as cold porcelain. While the recipes vary, they tend to be made with white glue and cornstarch. Small amounts of cooking or baby oil, glycerin, or facial cream are added to the main ingredients. The oils add smoothness to the mixture, reducing the risk of cracking as the clay dries. Cold porcelain is an air-dry substance generally used to make miniatures and home décor items. It is susceptible to damage from water, so be careful where you display your creations.

T-Shirt Quilt

This last one might require a bit of sewing skill or a lot of determination. There’s likely at least a small stack of t-shirts you don’t wear anymore but hold too much sentimental value for you to get rid of. Whether they don’t fit or they’re just not your style, there’s no chance of you wearing them ever again. So the question becomes, what should you do with them? You could force yourself to get rid of them despite the memories and sentimental value they hold, or you could turn them into a quilt to keep you warm when it gets cold!

For this, you’ll need your traditional quilting materials and the t-shirts you want to memorialize forever. How many shirts you need will depend on the size of quilt you want, but twelve is generally big enough for most people. After washing the shirts, you can cut them apart and decide on the design you want. After you’re satisfied with what the quilt will look like, you can attach the t-shirt pieces, generally just the graphics from the front and/or back of the shirts, to the quilting panels. From there it’s just the simple process of making a traditional quilt. The end result should be a quilt that holds countless memories for you to continue cherishing without taking up valuable space in your dresser or closet.

Crafting is a pastime that is rewarding and productive. It exercises fine motor skills and creativity. Make creations to keep or to share with others. Some people even turn their crafting into an income boost by selling creations online, at craft shows, or to personal acquaintances. These three crafts are fairly easy and worthwhile.


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