Unique Design Ideas for a New Restaurant



If you’re a proud owner of a brand new restaurant, you may already be banging your head against the wall being unsure of what sort of design solution to employ for your new food-serving project.

You’re not the only one, you know.

Even some of the best restauranteurs out there struggled with inspiration for organizing their venues. Through trials and errors, they’ve established what important aspects of their business should they take care of and dedicate their attention to.

So, in this article, we’re going to list a couple of crucial restaurant areas you want to fit out properly, and so reap the benefits of having created a profitable and beloved brand. As you will see, most of these relate to going back to basics and understanding that every part of restaurant matters. Also, it’s important to understand that incorporating style into the build of your food place shouldn’t be just surface deep. It’s about paying attention to the details as well as covering the entirety of the restaurant grounds with your staple branding.

Right then, without further ado, here’s the deal.

Unique Design Ideas for a New Restaurant

Use Proper Lighting

One of the most important things to take into consideration when it comes to organizing any sort of indoor area with a lot of people in it would be the lighting.

Just imagine a heavy metal concert in the middle of the night with no special effects, or laser beams slapped in everyone’s face. (Wait, that would work quite well. Could be spooky.)

No, but the thing is, lighting determines the overall atmosphere of a venue, so if you want a cheery and happy-go-lucky sort of vibe for your restaurant – make sure there are plenty of bright lights and colors. If you’re going for more of a sedate setting where everyone can enjoy their meals in a serene environment, you should make the lighting dimmer and more soothing.

Heating and Ventilation System

The larger the venue is, the more difficult it is to regulate the air temperature inside it.

Whether it’s winter or you’ve just entered the hottest of summer months, you have to make sure your guests don’t freeze to death or suffer a heat stroke in the middle of their soupe à l’oignon. To do this, what you want to do is to organize everything before the season starts. If winter is coming, make sure to install some heaters, and then preheat the entire room before the guests arrive.

Pick the Right Furniture

Whether you’re going for more of a rustic and domestic look or a modern-day fast-paced dining environment, you’ll have to fit out your new up-and-coming restaurant with the right sort of furniture.

Since furniture represents a large part of any given area in a restaurant, the sort of style you go for will play a major role in how your guests end up perceiving you and how your brand develops further. So, whatever your style of preference, make sure to pick high-quality chairs and tables, and that you’re guests are comfortable using them.

If you feel that taking care of everything on your own exceeds your abilities at this moment, you can always hire a team of commercial fitouts specialists to help you out.

Bathroom Design

Even though the restaurant bathroom isn’t a place within your restaurant that people will see immediately, it’s certainly important you don’t consider it an afterthought when dishing out designing decisions, so to speak.

Indeed, if your bathroom is all topsy-turvy, or worse still – unhygienic, you can rest assured that your restaurant won’t be a place where people will gladly go back to. You see, your guests will need to use the bathroom now and again, so there’s no use hoping no one is going to pay attention to its state.

The bottom line, consider the bathroom as just as important for your restaurant like any other room and invest in its looks accordingly.

Ambient Music

While many restaurants opt to let their guests eat in silence and win them over with their immaculate steaks and house specialties, there’s an increasing demand for themed restaurants – dining places with a story to tell and with a unique atmosphere.

If your restaurant is all about retro style, make sure to play some tunes from the roaring twenties. For a more of a modern-day outlook, you can choose more of a recent repertoire. If you like Ireland and have an Irish-themed restaurant, you can always go for U2 and Orthodox Celts. The options abound, truly.

Color Patterns

This one’s tightly connected to the lighting situation.

One of the more fun activities you have to take care of when starting up a restaurant would be to figure out the color pattern of the place. Whether you want it to be murky and dimly-lit, or help convey more of a bubbly atmosphere, investing in some paint to get your walls done is imperative. Also, you may want to accessorize with pictures, paintings, and curiosity pieces.

All in all, whatever your plan for making a great new restaurant looks like, make sure you’ve ticked off the aforementioned areas off your to-do list. As long as you invest an effort and a bit of money to create your unique vision, you can rest assured that your restaurant will have its audience.


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