Unique Gifts for Vinyl Collectors



Whether it’s a co-worker, a family member, or a friend, it’s always nice to give meaningful gifts that others can appreciate. Instead of giving gifts that you think they’d want, take note of the interests and hobbies they already have. This will give you a great compass in terms of what direction to go in in order to buy the perfect gift. If you have somebody in your life who is a vinyl collector, avoid the temptation to purchase a brand-new record player. Instead, consider some unique gifts that they might genuinely appreciate.

Vinyl Records Coffee Mug

Most people love to start the day with a cozy, warm drink. Whether it’s coffee or tea, it’s nice to savor the flavors as one prepares for the day ahead. If you’re getting a gift for a vinyl collector, consider purchasing a coffee mug with a printed design that features vinyl records. This will surely be the shining mug of their collection.

Soundtracks on Vinyl

It’s pretty common for a person to purchase music that fits within the genre they typically enjoy. Still, it’s good to push past the comfort zone to try some new things. In this case, it’s nice to try different sounds. Most people who love music can appreciate a good movie soundtrack. Find a few interesting movie soundtracks on vinyl to surprise a vinyl collector with. Try unique genres like horror, and keep an eye out for horror vinyl collections.

Vinyl-Inspired Clothing or Accessories

A custom-made t-shirt that features the vinyl collector’s name on a record can be a ton of fun to wear or frame. The same sentiment holds true for sweatshirts, baseball caps, and jackets. If you’re shopping for a woman who loves vinyl records, look for a vinyl-shaped purse, watch, or wallet for her to accessorize with. Even a funky hat that’s shaped like a record can be a ton of fun to rock with a retro-style outfit.

Vinyl Design Coasters

One fun gift idea is a set of coasters made to look like vinyl records. Though they don’t typically work like records, it is common for the records to come with a storage piece that looks like a mini record player. If you know what is their favorite album, you may even be able to find a coaster set with the official album design on the coaster.

Vinyl Experience Tickets

Do your research to uncover museums, stores, and other vinyl record landmarks. If the locations are out of time, create an itinerary and purchase tickets to make a trip out of the experience. Many local museums will even hold vinyl records as iconic symbols to convey the importance of specific memories of the past.

For many people, the idea of purchasing the perfect gift can feel like an overwhelmingly stressful experience. They put pressure on themselves to present the right option as if it’ll be their only chance in life. Instead of stressing out about the most ideal option, stay in the lane of a topic you already know they love. When you do this, it’ll be hard to get it wrong.


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