What to Do When Traveling to NYC Solo



Whether you’ve decided to make NYC your next travel destination, or you still haven’t made up your mind about it, you should at least have some insight into the amazing things you can do when visiting the ‘City That Never Sleeps’. No matter what your preferences are, New York is a city that pretty much has whatever comes to mind, and being there on your own shouldn’t worry you either. In fact, there are many fun things you can do alone in NYC, so take a look at several of them.

Let NYC Art Mesmerize You

Even those who don’t normally enjoy art will be in awe of the wonders that NYC museums are packed with. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or Met, will allow you to witness art through time, space, and different media, while the Guggenheim Museum is huge enough to keep you busy at least half a day, even with the guidance of the audio tour or even an organized group tour. If you’re looking for a smaller museum, maybe you should opt for the Museum of Modern Art, where you’ll get your fair share of such artists like Van Gogh or Picasso, which you can even do for free if you decide to visit the museum on Friday afternoons from 4 to 8 pm. If these don’t sound inviting enough, the list of NYC museums also includes the Museum of Natural History, American Folk Art Museum, or Madame Tussaud’s New York, meaning that you definitely won’t be bored.

Have a Taste of Central Park

Reveling in the size and beauty of this famous park is something you shouldn’t miss if you’re already in NYC. With so many exciting things to experience and beautiful spots to feast your eyes on, you should really take your time there. Probably the best way to do all of this is on a bike, as walking would probably slow you down too much. With cycling already being a pleasurable activity, especially so if you’re doing it in the most visited of all of the US urban parks, you’ll certainly love your visit to Central Park. If this is something you’re open to, you should look for the best bike rental New York offers and choose whether you want to rent a regular bike, a comfort hybrid for men and women, or an electric bike. The best companies even let you rent rollerblades if that’s what you prefer. In case that’s not enough, you can actually rent a bike and pair it with a lovely picnic at the park, to really make your day there special.

Check out the Bars and Restaurants

Being solo in a NYC bar isn’t as awkward as you might think. In fact, you’ll probably get to meet other tourists from around the globe if you decide to spend a bit of time in some of the cute and interesting bars of this enormous city. Many of them offer small tables as well as bar seating for a single person, allowing you to have a cocktail or a cup of coffee, but also some appetizers or a full-course dinner. The best thing about being solo is that you might even get a seat at a bar of restaurants that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to eat in without a reservation. You can try anything, from local food to international cuisine, with prices ranging from ridiculously cheap to incredibly expensive. All you need to do is choose where and what you want to eat or drink.

Thrift Away

Gone are the days when people went to thrift shops merely to save money. Nowadays, most of us are aware of the treasures you can find there. With a wide range of thrift stores in NYC, you can make an afternoon or even a day of it. Visiting them on your own allows you to go through everything thoroughly and find those few precious gems you were always hoping to get your hands on, without anybody hurrying you or giving you their unwanted opinion. Plus, this is a great opportunity to bring back something unique from the Big Apple for your family and friends back home.

There’s no doubt you’ll love staying in NYC, even when you’re traveling solo. Use these great suggestions as a starting point and work your way from them for the fun of your life in one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the world.


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