5 Signs You Might Need Corrective Jaw Surgery



If you are living life with a misaligned jaw, each day and the many simple tasks that are a part of your day can become difficult and painful. Along with trying to chew your food, you may also be experiencing problems with speaking and even breathing. Fortunately, corrective jaw surgery can greatly improve your quality of life. If you believe you may be in need of this type of surgery, here are five signs that indicate it may be your best option.

1. Frequent Jaw Pain and Headaches

If you experience numerous migraines, other types of headaches, or jaw pain, corrective surgery may be needed. When suffering from TMJ, you will have pain and soreness in your jaw joint and the surrounding muscles, which results in your headaches.

There are many things that can cause TMJ, but the most common is a misalignment of the jaw. When your jaw is not properly aligned, it puts unnecessary stress on the muscles and joints, causing pain. If you have tried other methods of treatment without success, corrective jaw surgery may be able to help.

2. Problems Biting, Chewing, or Swallowing

A surprising fact about your jaw is that it is possible the growth rate differed between your upper and lower jaw. If this happened, it may be what has led to you having a misaligned jaw. When you have problems biting down, chewing your food, or swallowing, you need to have a consultation with Lighthouse Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. By doing so, doctors can examine your jaw for any misalignment, discuss the problem with you, and advise you as to why corrective surgery may be a good treatment.

3. Snoring and Sleeping Issues

While many people snore on occasion, if you find that you are snoring regularly, it may be a sign that your airway is blocked. When this happens, you may also suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can cause many health issues.

A misaligned jaw can result in you snoring constantly throughout the night or result in you dealing with sleep apnea. By obstructing your breathing passageways, your misaligned jaw will only make your sleep apnea worse over time. Thus, the quicker you get corrective jaw surgery, the sooner you will get a good night’s sleep.

4. The Open Bite

When you have an open bite, this means you have a gap between your top and bottom teeth when you close your mouth. Many times, this will impact your ability to speak normally, which can lead to severe self-esteem issues. Corrective jaw surgery can solve this problem, leaving you feeling much better physically and emotionally.

5. Facial Injury

If you have suffered a facial injury, such as after a car accident or being hit in the face during a sporting event, the resulting jaw fracture may have your jaw displaying an unbalanced appearance. To solve this problem, corrective jaw surgery is often recommended.

Rather than continue to suffer needlessly with jaw pain, headaches, and other physical problems brought about by your jaw, learn more about the benefits of corrective jaw surgery and why it may be right for you and your problem.


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