Why You Only Need To Exercise Twice a Week



Exercise is equally beneficial for the body and the mind. If you want to stay in good shape and improve your health it is advisable to determine a physical activity that you will enjoy and that will move your body. The type of physical activity depends on what you desire to achieve as well as what condition your body is in at the moment. Be realistic in your physical assessment especially if you are a beginner.

Fitness Experts Say We Should Exercise Twice a Week and Here’s Why:

Find Time for Yourself

People are increasingly avoiding exercising and going to the gym because they don’t have time. The modern age has imposed many obligations. When we balance between family, private and social obligations, we possess little time left to dedicate to ourselves. Even when we plan to go to training regularly it happens that we are so exhausted that we can’t wait to go to bed and rest. Then we don’t even think much about physical activity and diet, because the body sends signals it only needs rest. However, if we only practice twice a week, then there is no need to seek excuses. 

Exercise on the Weekends

The weekend is ideal for exercising if you are active during the working days and do not think to set aside time for the gym. What matters is how long you exercise, not how many times a week you do it. If you do intense and very demanding whole-body training it merely takes 75 minutes a week. Admittedly, that’s not much at all! If you do moderate or light exercises, it requires 150 minutes of physical activity. Properly exercising on the weekends will adequately replace frequent training sessions if you follow these specific rules.

Five or Two Days of Exercise? You Choose!

When the news came that it was enough to exercise two days a week people were thrilled. This study was effective because it saved a lot of time and effort. The results of the exercise were equally effective. When we have only two days to fulfill the goal, we need to do the task in the right way and do our best. At that time, we dedicated ourselves to our power rack to the maximum and achieved our goals!

Establish a Schedule That Suits You

To get the most out of your workouts you need to set a schedule to your liking. Think about whether it is more suitable for you to train in the morning or in the evening and decide in advance which training you will do. You can run in the park, do exercises for tightening the whole body or for muscle mass. When you notice that such training does not inspire you to select another physical activity. We often dedicate ourselves to one type of training that becomes boring and strenuous over time. Then it’s time to adjust it or upgrade it with creative exercises.

Rest Days

Whether you decide to exercise on weekends or other days consider other days of the week as days for rest and relaxation. In those days dedicate your free time to yourself and enjoy new activities. You can hang out, read, spend time with family, learn to prepare healthier meals, and improve your eating habits. You will in addition have time for your hobby, thanks to the new schedule and proper organization.

Negative Aspects of Daily Exercise

Too much exercise during the week can severely affect your stamina which can be reduced. It can also cause injuries because you are unfocused enough and ready for strenuous exercise. When you exercise every day without rest, it can equally affect the hormone imbalance. There is a decrease in testosterone and an increase in stress hormones. Hormonal changes can lead to weight gain and lack of motivation to exercise.

Exercise Twice a Week and Achieve Maximum Results

When you start exercising twice a week focus on the intensity and quality of your workouts. Exercise should be tailored to yourself and your needs and goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain stamina, or increase muscle mass the most significant thing is to perform workouts that will lead you to ideal results.

With a moderate diet, playing sports, or going to the gym regularly you will influence good health and a more exceptional quality of life. By exercising you will be able to control your body weight and training will relieve you of stress and will cause a positive effect on mental health. You will have more energy and self-confidence. No more excuses because 150 minutes a week is enough to make you feel and look fantastic!

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