Why Your Husband Needs Support During Infertility



When a couple cannot conceive a baby, the woman is usually the first one to be tested and often experiments with various treatments to become fertile and conceive. However, her mate also may undergo an evaluation and possible treatment if he is suspected of having fertility issues. No one is to blame, but infertility can come from a number of sources. Many believe infertility to be only a source of sorrow for women, but husbands also deserve consideration and support during this difficult time.

They Feel Like Failures

When a couple keeps trying to have a baby but cannot, the husband might have concerns that his reproductive system is not functioning as it should. He may worry that he has let his wife down. Additionally, he might feel that he has no way to fix the problem quickly or easily. In fact, many men know little about the female or male reproductive system. A husband might feel guilty about the lack of knowledge or treatment awareness. A wife can ease this concern by explaining that they will work out the situation together as they learn more about the problem and what to do about it.

They Want to Make You Happy

Many husbands beat themselves up because they want to see their wives happily pregnant. When that doesn’t happen, the man may believe that there should be more than he can or should do to ensure his wife can find the fulfillment she wants and share that joy with her. Both partners should remind each other that their love transcends temporary delays or family disappointments and that they will work through the infertility issue together.

They May Have Health Concerns

The inability to conceive is often based on reproductive issues. Having said that, sometimes the underlying medical condition is the source. For men, the infertility problem can sometimes be addressed with low testosterone therapy. But underlying medical issues may be contributing to infertility problems. It can be easy to become concerned about what those problems might be. Fortunately, medical evaluation and testing can often get to the source of the problem that can then be treated. A loving wife can reassure her husband that medical testing for both can help them find answers.

They Want Children, Too

Like their wives, infertile men become sad when efforts to conceive a child are ineffective. They want to bring a baby into the world and feel disappointed when conception does not occur. With many new treatments for infertility for men and women,Β  chances of pregnancy and having a healthy baby improve. The couple can share their hope in future success to support one another.

Although women carry an unborn child during pregnancy, men equally help to conceive the child. It is helpful to not make assumptions and for both partners to support each other and trust the process. When infertility occurs, both partners should deserve empathy and support. You should set aside blame, as there are multiple paths forward, but you can only walk them with compassion and trust. Encourage and support each other and you will make it through.


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