3 Options for Hormone-Balancing Treatment



Hormones are biochemical messengers produced by the endocrine glands. As they travel through your bloodstream, they control the functioning of essential body processes such as reproduction, growth, and metabolism. When hormones are out of balance, they interfere with the functioning of the body, and that is why hormone-balancing treatments are necessary.

Below, we discuss three conventional therapies to balance your hormones.

1. Testosterone Treatment

Testosterone therapy is administered to men with low testosterone. Men get it in the form of a patch, gel, or injection. Testosterone applied on the skin gets absorbed well. While this is a simple and effective method, most men have a problem getting the required amounts. The reason is, the drug gets rubbed off the skin and transferred to others who may not need such high levels. A more effective method is through testosterone injection. It is administered through the muscles weekly or twice per week for best results.

Testosterone therapy has been used on boys with delayed puberty to stimulate the beginning of adolescence.
Testosterone replacement therapy physicians help revert various hormonal issues in men. Testosterone replacement treatment has many benefits. Some of them are increased libido, better sleep, increased muscle growth, increased energy, and cardioprotective effects.

2. Natural Remedies

Some lifestyle changes aid in hormone balancing. For example, shedding about a 10th of the weight can improve erectile function in men and make women’s menses more regular. This weight reduction will have a positive impact on fertility.

A balanced diet will provide the body with all the necessary nutrients to function optimally. When done consistently, it can reverse negative implications or hormonal imbalance. You should ensure you take enough vegetables, both plant and animal proteins, and also adequate carbohydrates. It’s always good to avoid overeating as well as undereating. Make sure your nutritional needs are being met.

Also, a sufficient amount of water is key to helping the body balance its hormones naturally. To know how to use the right natural methods to balance your hormones, talk to a certified and experienced nutritionist who can advise accordingly.

Learning how to manage your stress can also impact your hormones. Healthy ways of coping with stress will keep everything in your body balanced and working properly. Consider taking up yoga or including a daily meditation into your morning routine.

3. Bioidentical Hormones Therapy Option

Bioidentical hormones are hormones extracted from natural substances that are identical to human hormones. A pharmacist will compound a personalized dose that is custom made. Bioidentical hormones are offered in low doses, in unique methods, and particular combinations.

For women, Bioidentical hormones include progesterone and estrogen. Women get bioidentical hormones as birth control drugs. Combined progesterone and estrogen help balance reproductive hormones and ensure more regular menstruation cycles.

You can get hormone balancing options such as testosterone therapy, bioidentical hormones, and natural therapy. The ideal treatment for you depends on your sex, age, and the extent of hormonal imbalance. It is best to consult with your doctor about the appropriate procedure before making a decision.


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