4 Convincing Reasons to Lose That Jelly Belly



Let us begin with a too-familiar scenario. Say, you just got home. You were out for a meal with friends.
Now, in the safety of your bedroom, you unfasten the button gluing your stretch jeans to your lower half. The zipper’s next and outcomes your jiggly belly. It quivers as jelly would and you hate it! But it has been your companion for a while now. The thing about jelly bellies is that they aren’t just restricted to growing on chubby bodies. Even skinny bods can grow one. And sure, they look aesthetically lacking. But that’s not all that’s not-so-good about them!

As strong women, we can deal with this paunchy imperfection. So, it isn’t that your visual appearance should matter… a lot. Jelly bellies, however, can have far greater implications, like being indicative of impending poor health. Therefore, we’d recommend perusing these convincing reasons to lose yours:

1. No More Ovine Counts!

Should you be unaware of the fact that your diet affects more than your digestion, then let us tell you: your sleep depends on it! Specifically, how easy it is for you to sleep each night and whether you feel rested when you awake.

Diet can also be poor in terms of how quickly your stomach digests it. If whatever you scarf down gets done away with that speedily, you’d feel hungry more often.

Your body begins to feel as if you’re being starved. It then reaches to protect you by craving high-energy, fatty, and sugary foods.

All three culprits are to blame for negatively impacting your sleep quality. When you get rid of that belly fat, you also welcome many nights’ worth of sleep into your life!

2. You Won’t Have to Starve – or Even Fast – to Lose the Jutting Belly

How about we talk about cranberry juice for a minute?

If you like a glass or two of it, then you enjoy the many health benefits it brings. For instance, it’s keeping your safe from UTIs, respiratory disorders, heart disease, kidney stones, and even cancer.

Besides all of that, cranberry juice has a high organic acid composition. Those acids act much like they should when they meet the fat deposits in your body, i.e., they emulsify those collections. On the whole, you enjoy some fresh juice and get closer to a slimmer belly.

But the cranberry is just the cranberry on top. Here are some other slimming foods that you can enjoy:

  • Oats – we mean the whole grain variety – leave you with a full belly without bringing on any fat.
  • Grapefruits have a lot to offer in terms of health. They aren’t clogged with calories, for one. The high roughage content in them fills you up as oat does. Moreover, they help you lose weight.
  • Green tea and exercise go together smoothly. Moderate exertion, such as tennis, in this case, is sufficient for the loss of belly fat. Don’t want to join the castle gym? Even on its own, green tea still helps you with weight loss.
  • Kale is a nutrient-packing superfood. But it is also water-rich and has low calorific value, which is why it aids in weight loss.
  • Love biting into red peppers? Keep doing it for fat loss reasons! Their main ingredient, capsaicin, is a part of many weight-loss pills for that very reason. Why go for artificially derived pepper power when you have the real thing?
  • Berries – so many types and all delicious — have so much of vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber to bestow on us. All of these help reduce belly fat.
  • Don’t skip the vinaigrette when you’re indulging in a salad! Instead, add a tablespoon of vinegar to it.  All kinds, including white, strawberry, and apple cider, can bring the glycemic index down when you chomp on carb-rich meals. Translation: loss of jelly belly!
  • Finally, the only fatty fruit, or avocado, which is packed with a good variety of fats, such as the essential fatty acids. Other than that, it also has fiber, vitamins B and K, potassium, carotenoids, magnesium, phytosterols, antioxidants, and phenols. Together, these minerals and vitamins prevent abdominal fat accumulation and overeating

3. Lose the Belly Without Envisioning a Skinny-As-Heck Body

Primary reasons for which many of us convince ourselves to go through strenuous weight loss exercise or diets are the artificially, impossibly high standards of beauty today!

You may wisely realize doing that is like setting yourself up for failure. Or, you don’t hold yourself up against them. Research tells us now that pinning and posting pictures of super-thin models don’t motivate us toward losing weight. In fact, by doing so, we can hurt any progress we might make!

When you keep coming back to images of much thinner women, you feel discouraged. Unrealistic self-standards won’t do the trick here.

So, it’d be smarter to not base your weight loss goals on them. Every time you want to inspire yourself to achieve the weight ideal for your body, compare your progress against yourself. Choose a photo that shows you healthy you looked when you weighed that much. Use it to motivate your brain and keep going!

4. Win at Life by Not Losing to the Belly

In the end, it isn’t just losing that jelly belly for the sake of appearances. It is about winning in life. One of the cutest studies ever done involved the researchers at Stanford and children. The latter had to exercise their willpower in the face of delicious marshmallows. The results go to show you that the kids managing to ignore the junk food ended up with higher SAT scores as adults.

The confidence and the belief that come with knowing that you’re in control will spread into all aspects of your daily life. Whether it is at work or shopping, you’ll continue to dominate the scene! So, if you want to keep winning at living, start treating your body well!

It shouldn’t take more than these genuine handfuls of reasons to encourage you to take care of your health. 


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