The Best Ways to Lose Weight and Quickly – Part 1


There are many, upon many fads, and different diets that we hear about. One minute you’re not supposed to eat carbs, and the next you’re suppose to only drink juice, and I could literally make this sentence turn into an article itself, with a list of all of the different fad-like types of diets out there. However, it’s literally as easy as counting your fingers on one hand. There are 5 ways that are essential in losing weight stably, and quickly. First, I’m going to list the five ways. Then, I’m going to stretch the article on, in order to expand on specific things that you should do, within those five ways.

Everyone has a different opinion on what you should or shouldn’t eat to get the body that you want. Seriously though, who are you supposed to listen to! One person will say this is the best way, and the next person will night and day disagree with the other person’s method. I could say that you have to try different diets in order to see what works for you, but I’m NOT going to mislead you into thinking that some diets work for you, whereas some don’t. I don’t agree with that method. If a diet works, then it works universally, and for everyone. I don’t believe that ANYTHING should be done in extremes, so I’m not about to list another EXTREME fad diet, and rules for it. I’m going to give you my logic, and why should you listen? You should listen, because it will make sense to you.

I feel the need to express the biggest factors when it comes to being healthy, and that’s that you should eat a balanced diet, healthier foods that are as raw as possible, less crap (junk food), no fast food, and don’t forget to indulge! You should try to eat about five meals a day (NOT American sized, restaurant portions either!). Eat healthy and indulge in moderation. Listen to your satiety level, and recognize that sensation of when your body is telling you (screaming at you at times) to stop eating, and that you’re indeed full.

Despite what many people say, if you enjoy snacking late at night or if you crave a spoonful of peanut butter in the middle of the night, then eat up! When your body is craving something, I believe you should eat it, and indulge, but not over-indulge. Yes, even in the middle of the night! Having said that, you need your sleep, so this is only if you can’t sleep, and you get hungry. NO BIG MEALS in the middle of the night! Just eat a few bites (that’s why it’s called a snack) of what you’re craving, brush your teeth, and go back, and hit the sack! Your snacks should predominantly be healthy snacks. Try not to bring junk food into your home too much. Something that many people are unaware of is that those late night or middle of the night cravings are more present when your body is sleep deprived. In other words, although I say to give into those cravings, many of them won’t be there, when you’re stably getting enough sleep.

5 Ways to Lose Weight

1. Eat healthy

2. Get adequate sleep

3. Work out

4. Be stress-free

5. Drink Water

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