5 Summer Weight Loss Tips That Work



Summer is just around the corner, and so should our perfect beach bodies be. Now, creating the perfect beach body is very challenging and demanding, but we all want to succeed as much as we can in this endeavor. Apart from building and pumping our muscles, we should also work on getting rid of that layer of fat around our bellies. Are there ways in which you can lose your weight enough until summer arrives that don’t involve going to the gym? Many of us detest the idea of exercising, so if you’re one of those, perhaps you want to find another way to lose weight. Take a look at the following five tips, try them out, and we promise you that your body will look amazing in just a couple of months.

1. Cut Out Alcohol

One of the easiest (and smartest if we may add) ways to lose some weight is to cut out alcohol entirely or simply cut it back a bit. Alcohol is chemically very similar to sugar, so it will set off the same amount of insulin resistance, which can furthermore result in weight gain. Even though it doesn’t look like that, your glass of wine or your cocktail contains
plenty of calories, so it doesn’t matter that you don’t eat any chocolate or sweets, it’s not a very healthy option for your weight loss. What you want to do is stop drinking alcohol for a couple of weeks, and see the results for yourself. If you really, really need a drink, then we suggest white wine spritzers and make every second drink a glass of water. Stay away from orange juice with vodka as juices will only double the calories.

2. Pay Attention to Your Carbs


Not many people know this, but the basis of many meals and snacks are processed white carbs and highly refined carbohydrates. These will only spike your blood sugar levels which will result in the accumulation of fat. So what you should do is pay attention to what you’re eating. Having meals with plenty of vegetables and proteins is the most important thing for you at this very moment. Also, don’t forget to eat your breakfast as it’s the most important meal of your day. In case you want fast results, you can also opt for drinking the best weight loss shakes on the market that will just give you that small push that you might need. Of course, all of this is logical, since you want to lose your weight after all, so eat healthy and smart.

3. Eat More Frequently

Speaking of eating, there’s another option that can help you lose weight. Skipping meals might be the perfect idea for you to lose weight, but this is only going to backfire. According to research published in 2012 in the
Journal of the American Dietetic Association, eating more frequently can help you lose weight or maintain the weight you have. Of course, the three meals and the two snacks in the 24-hour period should be very balanced, light and they should come in small portions.

4. Drink Plenty of Water


A key thing is not to eat unless you’re hungry. However, our bodies are truly amazing, and they can do things that we don’t dream they can. One such thing is mixing thirst and hunger, so it might happen that you think you’re hungry when, in fact, you’re simply thirsty. This is why drinking enough water during the day is extremely important. Not only will it have great effects on the elasticity of your skin and its overall condition, but it can also help you balance your diet and your meals.

5. Change Your Coffee

Finally, let’s talk about your coffee. Yes, it’s probably the first thing you drink in the morning, and even though coffee is not necessarily unhealthy for you, try to drink it black and neat. For the following couple of weeks, try to substitute your usual latte for regular black coffee, and avoid drinking it with sugar, milk or cream. This way, you will take care of your calorie intake. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also substitute your coffee with green tea or herb tea. This also contains caffeine that you need to get throughout the day, but it’s,
according to many, a bit healthier option.

Going to the gym might give you those muscles that you want, but it’s not only the cardio exercises that can help you lose weight. You might be able to achieve this by being devoted to your goal and actually doing whatever you can to get rid of that fat. Summer bodies, here we come!


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