4 Destinations for a Romantic Weekend Getaway



If you and your special someone are looking to get away for a romantic weekend getaway, your first step is to choose where you want to go. Whether you’re looking for a destination with lots to do, a secluded natural getaway, or something else entirely, you could make several years’ worth of weekends simply exploring different romantic destinations. To help you narrow down your options, though, here are four ideas of places you and your significant other are sure to enjoy, in no particular order.

1. Louisville, KY

While at first glance it may not seem like the most obvious spot for romance, Louisville, KY has plenty of options to keep the romance alive. One of its strengths is its strong local restaurant scene, with local hangouts such as Havana Rumba, Yummy Pollo, and Buck’s Restaurant and Bar offering up a variety of delectable options for you and your sweetie to enjoy together. If you prefer to slow down and enjoy the scenery, Louisville and the surrounding area is home to many beautiful parks, including the 16,000-acre Bernheim Forest.

2. Burlington, VT

If you love small-town charm and enjoy plenty of outdoor activities, and that sounds like your idea of a perfect romantic getaway, then Burlington, VT is the place for you. Anchored by a beautiful and charming downtown, Burlington is best-known as the headquarters of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. After eating way too much ice cream, you and your love can work off some of the calories by enjoying some water activities on Lake Champlain, then round out the day by watching the sunset from your waterfront accommodations.

3. Half Moon Bay, CA

Named for the breathtaking body of water that lies just offshore, Half Moon Bay, CA is dripping with romance around every corner. Whether it’s the old-fashioned small-town feel that’s made up of every kind of art and antique shop imaginable or the breathtaking accommodations at Cypress Inn on Miramar Beach or the Half Moon Bay Lodge, you will not leave disappointed. There are many state parks in the area offering beautiful beaches, sandy cliffs, and striking tide pools. Plus, if you’re lucky, you may get to spot a pod of dolphins swimming up and down the coast.

4. Clearwater Beach, FL

What list of romantic destinations would be complete without at least one option in Florida? Clearwater Beach, though fairly close to Tampa, is like an entirely different world, as it’s much less built-up and busy. This means you can enjoy the laid-back and beautiful beaches that Clearwater Beach has to offer while still taking part in the unbeatable activities and thriving nightlife of Tampa. All in all, you will always have something to do if you choose to make this your next romantic destination.

The best way to make the most of a romantic weekend getaway is to make every day a romance story. Love your significant other well, and allow them to love you well. Then, when you head out on an adventure together, the fullness of your hearts will ensure that you enjoy one another and your destination all the more.


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