4 Magnificent Cruise Destinations for Romantic Moments



Going on a romantic cruise can help add more spark to your relationship. There are certain cruise locations around the world that are ideal for lovers and the perfect settings for new adventures. Any of these four magnificent cruise destinations can provide you with many romantic moments.

1. Alaska

From beautiful waterways to spectacular glaciers, Alaska features many wonderful things that can enhance a romantic cruise. The waterway known as the Inside Passage weaves through picturesque islands in the southern part of Alaska that include the Alexander Archipelago. Fjords and waterfalls may also be visible on your journey and can create the perfect backdrop for romantic times while aboard your cruise ship. Walking through sculpted ice palaces have become increasingly popular, as well, since the release of Disney’s Frozen, adding a sense of magic and wonder to Alaskan cruise destinations. The Aurora Borealis, as well, is visible in these northern regions, making stargazing that much more spectacular for starry-eyed couples.

2. Bora Bora

This small group of islands in the South Pacific can be a perfect setting if you and your significant other want to escape to an exotic paradise. The beautiful blue and turquoise seawater in this region can enhance your romantic adventure. Mount Otemanu can be seen from the water towering over much of the coastal region. Huts on stilts that sit over the ocean near the shore are another unique feature that can make your cruise to Bora Bora more memorable. The warm air and the tropical location makes Bora Bora a fantastic place for a romantic getaway by cruise ship, with lots to explore on and offshore.

3. Singapore

Singapore is one of the other top romantic getaways where you can take a cruise and learn about a different part of the world. Many of the top luxury cruise liners travel to this city-state that’s on an island just off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Your ship will likely dock here so that the two of you can disembark for a while to take a tour of Singapore and visit places of interest such as Little India and the Singapore Botanic Garden. A romantic stroll through these gorgeous locations can help bring any couple closer together and make the trip something to remember.

4. Vienna

Cruise liners don’t just travel in the ocean, and you can take a romantic river cruise to this famous European capital. You can go for a cruise along the Danube to see some of the finest architectural masterpieces that have given this Austrian city such an appealing character. You might have the chance to get off the boat for a while to explore landmarks like Schönbrunn Palace and the Grinzing neighborhood. If you go on an extended cruise along the Danube, you might also pass through cities like Mainz and Budapest along with Vienna.

There are many options that you can choose from when trying to select the right romantic cruise. Any of these choices can leave you with many special memories that will make your relationship stronger.


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