5 Different Family Adventures Worth Trying This Summer



If you have the chance to take a vacation with your family this summer, then by all means do it. Grab every chance you can to enjoy adventures with them while you can. Not sure what to try? Consider these different family adventures worth trying this summer.

1. Oahu, Hawaii

This Pacific island chain is often thought of as a place for romance and honeymoons, but that’s not the whole state. The North Shore of Oahu has plenty of water adventures and family activities. You can find as much to do on land as you can in the waves.

2. Costa Rica

If you want to brush up on your Spanish while in a place where you can get by many places with English and a good smartphone, then this Central American paradise is a great place to visit. Only a few hours by plane from most of the continental United States, this nation is a place to let your family enjoy pristine beaches on two coasts and rainforest zip-lining in between.

3. Visit Alaska

You can head inland to see the tallest peaks in North America and midnight baseball or even sail the fjords to witness majestic glaciers from the deck of a cruise ship. America’s largest state has plenty of adventures to make your family have something awesome to brag about back at school and work.

4. Explore California

San Diego, for example, is a city that doesn’t often make it to the top of many vacation dream lists, but it’s also worth a look because it’s so under the radar. Enjoy 70 miles of coastline for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing lessons. Or head to the safari park and zoo to witness 3,500 different animals. Or you could visit the bay area and even the Monterey Bay Aquarium. There are opportunities to feed the animals in their habitats or get on a boat and go out for some whale watching.

5. Moab, UT

The rules of the roads you follow to work and school all the time don’t apply when you get the chance to go offroading. Whether you do it as a day trip close to town or as part of a longer vacation Moab is a place for the outdoorsman or woman. Adventures like jeeping, rock climbing, rafting, or hummer safari’s, there is an option for everyone. You can embrace the chance to zip through natural terrain in a UTV.

You can customize your offroad vehicle for the occasion or find an option for a rental in town. If you purchase a side-by-side there are plenty of other Can-Am Defender accessories you can add. Depending on what you are looking for in your rig you can have a great time, rain or shine. And with the proper equipment, you can even make your buggy street legal for everyday use. 

Make Some Memories

Whether you are going with older relatives, younger kids, or both, you know that you only get so many years with your current family. Choose one of these family adventures to make some permanent memories that last a lifetime.


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