How To Plan a Hawaiian Vacation With Kids



With beautiful beaches and lots of things to see and do, Hawaii is a great family vacation destination, and you don’t even need a passport. However, traveling to a faraway island with young kids in tow presents some unique challenges. From surviving the flight to finding food and a place to stay, here are four tips to help you plan a Hawaiian getaway with the kids.

Bring entertainment for the flight

Hawaii might be part of the United States, but it takes several hours to get there by plane. When traveling with kids, it’s important to bring lots of toys, games, and electronic devices to keep them occupied and quiet during the flight. If your kids are nervous about flying, let them bring a comfort object like a favorite stuffed animal or doll.

Choose kid-friendly accommodations

What kind of vacation rental should you choose for your stay in Hawaii? Renting a beach house gives your kids plenty of room to run around, and you won’t have to worry about putting up with noisy neighbors or being noisy neighbors. A hotel room or condo can be a more affordable option if you have a small family or plan to be out and about for most of your stay. Some companies also have small houses set up as vacation rentals, which is great for those who will be staying for at least a week and may need a place to do laundry, cook, and relax in between island adventures. These are also great for working with younger kids who may need frequent naps in a quiet, air-conditioned environment.

Stock up on snacks

Trying new food is one of the best parts of going on vacation, but young children may not be up to sampling poi or digging into a poke bowl. After you land, hit the nearest grocery store to stock up on your kids’ favorite snacks in case they’re not interested in the local fare. Hawaii also has many familiar fast-food joints, and local restaurants usually offer a children’s menu. If you’re looking to get them to try new things, however, consider the sweeter tasting meats like pineapple-flavored pork, as younger children’s taste buds are best suited for sweet things. Show your own enthusiasm for the food as well by eating in front of them and asking for uneaten portions on your child’s plate. This will get them curious as to what they’re missing.

Visit lots of attractions

Although you might want to lounge on the beach with a book, your kids will get bored quickly without a carefully planned itinerary. Choose attractions that are interesting and interactive to keep the little ones busy. Educational sights like Hawaii’s active volcanos or the Pearl Harbor National Memorial are great for school-aged children, while younger kids may prefer to explore the Honolulu Zoo or the Maui Ocean Center.

Don’t forget to let your children choose souvenirs to remember their visit to Hawaii. Give them each a budget so that your vacation doesn’t turn into one huge shopping trip. Encourage them to make a list of things that interest them while browsing stores and gift shops, and save souvenir purchases for the last day of your trip.


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