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An anniversary is a lovely occasion for celebrating your love, but also a reminder of all the wonderful moments you’ve shared together with your partner. However, sometimes choosing the perfect gift can be challenging, and that’s precisely why we created this little guide for you. If you need a little bit of inspiration on what to get your girlfriend, boyfriend, or a spouse for your next anniversary, check out the following gift ideas.

Massage Treat

The one thing you and your partner can do together, and have an anniversary present indulged in, is a massage treatment. Even better, you can make it a spa day, and instead of just enjoying an hour-long massage, go to some of the lovely spa retreats in Melbourne, where you can have an entire day filled with soothing treatments. Go for a bit of steaming in the sauna, swim a little to stretch and tone all your muscles, have a mud bath to help you ease any stiffness. Also, you can give your loved one a massage in the comfort of your home, if you feel like creating a romantic ambiance, with some relaxing music, candlelight and massage oil.


If there’s one thing that’ll put a smile on your girlfriend’s face it’s a piece of stylish jewelry. A simple  Morse Code Necklace is always an appropriate anniversary gift. It’s a unique yet a wear-it-everywhere piece, that goes well with any outfit. And the fact that beads spell love in Morse code, makes it an even more precious present. Furthermore, if your girlfriend or wife is an admirer of minimalistic style, a golden bangle with the tiny ‘Heart Of Gold’ inscription is a wonderful elegant gift she’ll wear all the time.

Dinner Surprise

Once you’re in a relationship for several years, sometimes you just forget to act like a couple, and romantic dates just don’t happen that often, if at all, anymore. If that’s the case with you, then planning out a romantic dinner is the right move for your anniversary. I highly suggest that you take your sweetheart to a gorgeous winery near Melbourne, and offer her an exquisite night, mixed with high-class delicacies, the best wine, and pleasant ambiance. Alternatively, you can cook a little something at home, and have a lovely little date at home.

Kindle Paperwhite

Whether you’re looking for the perfect present for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, Kindle Paperwhite is the best choice for everyone. If your sweetheart is a true book aficionado, this little device will make reading so much easier. The e-reader features a high-resolution screen, glare prevention, backlit adjustable light, and a lightweight structure, creating an idyllic, comfortable reading experience. So, if your partner is always carrying around a book or two, this gift will take a load off their shoulders and always remind them of you.

52 Reasons I Choose You

If you like to add your signature to the anniversary gift, then creating a present with 52 reasons you choose your partner is the thing for you. All you need is a deck of cards and 52 index cards. Glue one index card to the face-side of each card, and write one description of something you love about your sweetheart, on each index card. On the first card of the deck, explain the present with “52 things I love about you.” It’ll definitely melt their heart, and be a timeless present that they can cherish forever.

The choice of lovely anniversary gift is rather vast, which can make the final pick that much harder. However, always have in mind what your partner is like, what their interests are and what present would make them happy before you opt for a certain gift. If you’re fresh out of inspiration, the aforementioned presents will be perfect for your sweetheart, so feel free to pick precisely some of them for your next happy occasion.

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