4 Things to Consider if You Want to Use Your Patio Year-Round



If you are like most people, you only use your patio when the weather is beautiful. Often this is on select days during the spring and fall or during summer evenings when the temperature drops a little. Unfortunately, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to maximize the benefits that your patio provides. You understandably want your time on your patio to be enjoyable, and you can make a few additions to this space so that the environment is more comfortable and you can use your patio year-round, no matter the weather or temperature.

1. Heat Sources

When the air turns chilly, you may be inclined to head indoors. However, with the addition of effective heat sources, you may be able to moderate the chill and feel comfortable regardless of the temperature. Heat may be generated by heat lamps, a fire pit, a chimney, or other features. Some of these features may be used as light sources for evening use or to improve aesthetics as well.

2. Cooling Capabilities

If you live somewhere with chronic hot temperatures, finding a way to beat the heat during the summer is critical. Several options are available, such as the installation of a misting system or mounted fans. If your patio is not covered, you may need to install an awning or another type of cover so that you are not impacted by direct sunlight. This will help to keep the temperatures lower throughout the day.

3. Groundcover

The most common type of patio is a concrete slab patio. The patio that is poured when the home is being constructed generally is rather small in size. You may extend the size of your patio and make it more practical for all of your needs by using natural stone pavers. These are decorative and affordable, and you may be able to lay them on your own to save money on the installation. This will give you more seating areas regardless of the season and your needs.

4. Lighting

During the summer months, the days are long and you can enjoy extended time on your patio in the evening. With much shorter days throughout the rest of the year, it may be mostly or completely dark outside before you get home from work. Even when you take steps to moderate the temperature on your patio, you still need a source of light so that you can maximize your use of this space year-round. Consider tiki torches, strings of lights, tabletop lanterns, and other features that are decorative and functional. Security floodlights may also be advisable if you want to keep your home safe while also lighting your patio area.

Your patio is an extension of your living space, so you may not be maximizing all that your home offers if you are not using your patio regularly. Consider the way that you currently use your patio and if that’s working for your lifestyle. Some of these tips may help you in your attempt to make your patio more inhabitable throughout the year.


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