Happy Homecoming: How to Support Your Teen’s High School Sports Season



There’s nothing like the home opener of a high school sports season to show your support for your teen’s school.
It is true teens do not want their moms to dress like cheerleaders or their dads showing up at the homecoming games decked out in full sports team regalia. What they want is for parents to show their support to give the high school sports season homecoming the attention teens truly want and need. There are several ways parents can make a happy homecoming more memorable.

True Team Spirit



It is extremely important for parents of teens who are actively involved in high school sports to show true team spirit with regular attendance at games. This includes formal games as well as a scrimmage and training games. The parents should consider taking their siblings along to show family support. It helps younger siblings become familiar with the rules of the game, how it is played and the reason for coaches and team spirit.

Another way for parents to show support is to volunteer time and effort. Check with the athletic department of the high school and ask how to become a volunteer at the refreshment stand or how to help defray the cost of uniforms and sports gear with activities that include other parents.
For example, most high schools have printed programs for each game. Volunteer to contact local businesses for program ads and, if applicable, patron donations that are printed in the programs. Also volunteer for committees to sell sports pennants, caps and other accessories to the general public. Encourage local businesses to display sports pennants on Happy Homecoming Day in their display windows and in their stores.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

There is nothing like a photograph of the high school sports team at the start of a season to show your support.
This type of photo creates a lasting memory for your teen long after they become parents who can show their kids their achievements. Have these photos reproduced to send to grandparents and other family members. These photos make great holiday gifts when framed.

Happy and Healthy Support for the Team

Parents need to ensure they present the best examples of good health to their teens. It is in their teens that health may be ignored or overlooked in favor of peer pressure and busy activities.
It is important to impress upon teens that a happy and healthy sports season means taking care of the needs of the body with a nutritious diet, plenty of exercise, and an annual medical exam by a doctor. Should they require medical attention for minor aches in the back, legs or shoulders, there are upper arm sleeve supports to relieve these aches and reduce pain.

There is a balance that you will have to teach your child between pushing past your limits in order to grow and hurting your body for the sake of the team. You’ll want to help teach them how to read their body’s signs when to back down, that there is no shame in sitting a game out so they can come back stronger. Give them the emotional and physical tools they need to heal from their embarrassing and painful injuries in order to grow.

It’s normal for them to be anxious about getting back in the game after a traumatic injury. That’s not something you want to dismiss, but you should learn how to head their anxiety head-on while encouraging them to get back in the saddle if they choose to do so.

Wish your teen a Happy Homecoming for the high school sports season with generous and frequent support. Your family team spirit is the best example to set for your teen.


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