Preparing to Propose? 5 Steps to Ensure Success When Popping the Question



If you’re a man who wants to offer a marriage proposal to a special lady in your life, you can take steps that will make the process easier. Getting all the details in order before popping the big question will help increase your chances of her accepting. Following these five steps can help you ensure a successful proposal.

1. Consult with Her Family

It’s wise to consult with her family before the proposal so that they can know what to expect and offer their blessing. In some cultures, not asking for the father’s permission to marry his daughter beforehand can be seen as an insult, and you’ll have a better chance of staying out of the hot seat by speaking with both of her parents first. This also will give you the opportunity to learn more about what type of proposal dreams your SO may have shared with her parents.

2. Find Out Her Favorite Ring

In the days leading up to the proposal, you can ask her friends and family what style of ring she likes the best. You can also try asking your hopeful bride-to-be about her ring preferences in an offhanded way, but this could also cause suspicion. If she already expects a proposal, you can feel free to discuss engagement rings with her openly. Speaking with a few of her friends may also afford you some insight if you want to maintain the surprise.

3. Pick a Romantic Spot

The location of the proposal can make or break the occasion. The beach or atop a hill overlooking a beautiful view are some classic examples of ideal locations. If you’re planning to propose during the winter, popping the big question at an outdoor ice skating rink or a snowy mountain resort can also enhance the romance.

4. Have a Backup Plan

Things might go off track at the last minute, and having a backup plan in place will help you rebound quicker. This plan may include choosing an alternate location for the proposal or picking a different day to pop the question. Circumstances that might make you result in your backup plan include bad weather, a sudden illness or a family emergency.

5. Keep It Private

Unless the two of you have already talked about getting married in the near future, it’s best to keep everything private to avoid ruining the surprise. This may mean having to discuss the marriage plans with a few close friends and some trusted members of both of your families. You also shouldn’t leave a receipt for a ring or other items related to the proposal in areas where she might find them. Most importantly, however, do not do a big public proposal if you aren’t sure that she would be interested in saying yes, otherwise it can end in terrible embarrassment for both of you.

Your proposal can be a more joyous and successful event if you have everything set to ask for her hand in marriage the right way. Convincing her to say yes can be an easier endeavor if every fine detail has been addressed carefully.


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