Creating Happiness in Yourself and in Others


There are many people that have been bullied or pushed around throughout their youth. Many people get picked on and bullied when they’re a child, but also as an adult. There are different forms of bullying. In the same manner that physical abuse, violence, and causing pain on a physical level is so horrific, emotional badgering, bullying, and tearing people apart on an emotional level is also pretty horrific. There’s no reason for people to cause any type of pain to others for any reason whatsoever. We should all be kind and strive to create more happiness in this world. Where does it all start? It starts with you and me.

Where Bullying Starts

Sometimes people bully others, because they were bullied, or perhaps they still are bullied. They might even be bullied by their families at home. Perhaps they have siblings or even their parents that are bullying them. When people bully or put down others, it’s a way of making themselves feel higher, stronger, important, and as if they have more power than the other person.

For some odd reason, many people seem to get off on the thrill of making others feel bad in the process of feeling good themselves. No one should ever benefit from hurting others in any way. Everything in life should be done in a pure, decent, loving, and righteous manner. This includes the way that we build a life for ourselves, become successful, develop relationships, and everything else. Things that are done in the right way always get the best results.


Good Deeds and Righteousness

People who do acts of kindness and good deeds always end up on top in the long run. Acts of righteousness never go unnoticed. However, you should always have pure intentions and the motive of creating happiness in others when doing kind acts of righteousness. But either way, whether you have ulterior motives or not, it’s better to do good deeds and kind acts anyway. It’s still considered a good deed, and it’s definitely a start towards doing kind acts.

The Beauty of Life

When it comes to relationships, whether you’re a child, an adult, a parent, a partner, or a spouse, it’s important to be kind, have pure intentions, and to create happiness in all of your relationships. The best way of creating happiness is to be happy yourself, and then to do things that will create happiness in others as well.

It’s always good to see the beauty in things around us. Those things can be anything from people, animals, nature, to anything else. There’s beauty in everything if you look deep enough. There’s beauty in you, in me, in the neighbours that you don’t talk to, and in everyone that you meet whether rich or poor, whether their skin is a different shade than yours, whether their religion is different than yours, and whether they have different views than you.

There’s beauty in every single one of us, and it’s important to acknowledge that beauty with your words and your expressions. I always say that there should be a balance between your words and actions. Just as well, there should be a healthy balance between your words and expressions. Your expressions are a form of actions, because they can either be genuine and sincere or fake. People can be affected negatively when your words don’t correlate with your expressions, and definitely when sarcasm is part of the problem.

Happiness and Giving Compliments

It’s easy to be kind to other people. It’s easy to give compliments as well. When you give someone a compliment, it should be genuine and out of pure place with the sole intention of bringing happiness to them. Compliments can literally brighten up someone’s day. Having said that, compliments should be genuine and sincere.

Giving compliments to people is one of the biggest ways of showing love, kindness, and warmth. Like I said before, it doesn’t matter what someone looks like or where they come from. What matters in this world is who we are on the inside, and what we give back to others. The point of life is happiness. We need to all start creating more and more happiness until it becomes literally contagious.

Giving genuine and sincere compliments is merely one way of showing kindness to others, and that kindness can go a long way. Giving empty compliments is just as bad as saying empty I love you’s. No one wants to hear something that isn’t genuine or sincere. It’s important to bring out the best in others. For example, if a person is not very attractive, but you know that they have certain qualities or characteristics that are very appealing, you should try to acknowledge those things, and compliment them on those particular characteristics.

Whatever you do, don’t expect any type of response or reaction from the person that you give compliments to. Not everyone has a great self-esteem or can even handle hearing compliments for that matter. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop giving compliments to others. Many times, for a person that’s down about life, depressed, or going through a rough time, hearing something positive and uplifting can create a state of happiness, and even if it’s merely for that moment. Life is just a bunch of moments anyway. Remember, create happiness in others by shedding light and positivity to them. Give hope to those in need, and always strive to be a more enlightened individual by showing kindness to others.

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One thought on “Creating Happiness in Yourself and in Others

  1. “The possibilities you see in others are possible for you as well.
    The beauty you see around you is your beauty.
    Whatever you care about is your responsibility.
    What you see in others shows you yourself.
    See the best in others and you will be your best.
    Give to others and you give to yourself.
    Appreciate beauty and you will be beautiful.
    Admire creativity and you will be creative.
    Love and you will be loved.
    Seek to understand and you will be understood.
    Listen and your voice will be heard.
    Teach and you will learn.
    Show your best face to the mirror and you’ll be happy with the face looking back at you.”

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