4 Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship



There’s no refuting that relationships require work and come with a fair amount of challenges. However, healthy relationships don’t trigger feelings of fear and apprehension. If you’ve experienced these emotions while in a relationship, it’s likely that your partner demonstrates abusive tendencies. Take a step back and look objectively at your relationship to notice any toxic signs. The following four things are
 some other warning signs that the relationship you’re in is toxic and potentially dangerous.

1. They Don’t Share You

While it’s normal to develop feelings of attachment to your significant other, clinginess is a glaring red flag. If they’re restricting your plans or making you feel guilty for having a life outside of them, there’s only one solution: to sever ties. Your lives don’t need to revolve around one another, and if your boyfriend or girlfriend is unwilling to accept this reality, they’ll go to great lengths to ensure that any fun you have begins and ends with them. If you notice yourself sacrificing time with friends and family, reconsider your relationship.

2. They Make Decisions for You

In an adult relationship, you are wholly capable of making your own decisions. If your partner insists on managing your life, this won’t bode well for either party. In essence, an abusive partner is desperate to solidify their dominance. In an effort to do so, they take the reins and seldom relinquish control. As a result, you become exponentially inferior in their eyes, making it easy for them to manipulate your every move.

3. You Relationship Moves Quickly

In the hopes of tying you down, abusive partners will go above and beyond to make the relationship serious from the jump. Fortunately, these behaviors are easily recognizable. You won’t be involved in any of these major decisions, and if you express an opinion that runs counter to theirs, you’ll likely be gaslighted.

To help identify when or if you’re psychologically manipulated, here are some
gaslighting articles that shed light on the matter. There are times, however, when this sign may be less noticeable. Early in the relationship, you might be on cloud nine at the thought of being with your partner and falling in love. Don’t get swept away and make sure to use your mind when reflecting on the health of the relationship.

4. They’re Overly Jealous

Insecurities run rampant in abusive people. To compensate for their lack of self-confidence, abusive partners generally become emotionally needy and jealous. If your significant other is constantly accusing you of being unfaithful, it’s merely a projection of their own self-doubts. It’s not your responsibility to coddle their baseless vulnerabilities, and if they blame you for any emotional distress this may cause, that’s a telltale sign of an abusive relationship.

If any of the above circumstances have taken place in your relationship, it’s essential to protect yourself. These signs are indicative of a destructive relationship, and you may be exposing yourself to hazardous situations. Talk to a counselor or just friends and family. They will be able to look at your relationship from the outside to tell you if your relationship is abusive.


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