4 Ways Aging Men Can Take Better Care of Themselves



Many men stop looking after themselves as they age, a fact which can lead to different types of chronic diseases and general ill-health. Fortunately, there are some fairly easy steps you can take to dramatically improve your health and age more gracefully. Here are four of the top ways aging men can take better care of themselves.

1. Get Back Into Weightlifting

One of the first things most men let slide as they age is their weight training. The problem, though, is that weight training is essential to keeping your muscles healthy and maintaining your strength as you get older. If at all possible, try to get back into lifting weights, even if you have to start with light exercises. There’s no shame in lifting lighter weights than you used to lift in your 20s. As always, something is better than nothing.

2. Adopt a Better Hair and Skin Care Regimen

In addition to letting their health lapse as they age, many men stop taking pride in their appearance. If you want to feel and look better, consider upgrading your hair and skincare regimen. Using better hair conditioners and skin moisturizers can help you look better, even as you get older. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to consider visiting a dermatologist to see what type of skincare products will work best for you. Remember, just because you’re getting up there in years doesn’t mean you have to lose your good looks.

3. Address Sexual Dysfunction

One of the symptoms of aging that many men aren’t willing to discuss or address is the sexual dysfunction that can come with advancing years. With that said, getting
ED care is easier than it has ever been, and most men can regain the performance of their youth with a little help from modern medicine. Even though it may be embarrassing and difficult to talk about, if you’re having problems with ED, be sure to deal with it now so that you and your partner can make the most of your golden years.

4. Clean Up Your Diet

The old axiom that you are what you eat becomes more and more true as you age. If you want to have more energy and enjoy better health, cleaning up your diet can help. Try to eat more nutrient-rich vegetables, whole grains, and unprocessed meats, as well as healthy dairy products.

Ideally, you’ll want to eat mostly whole, natural foods. By cutting out added sugar, salt, and chemical additives, you can greatly improve your nutrition. While a glass or two of wine, beer or whiskey can still be enjoyed, it’s best to cut back to occasional drinking as you get older. If you’re concerned about making drastic changes to your diet, consider working with a dietitian or your general practitioner to come up with the right plan.

By taking these four steps, you can dramatically improve both the quality and the length of your sunset years. The sooner you start taking better care of yourself, the sooner you can begin to experience the health benefits that come with improved habits.


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