5 of the Biggest Keys to Becoming Successful


There are many ways that we can all become more successful, or at the very least, to create a more productive and determined mental platform. There are endless lists of success tips that you can find online and elsewhere, and I’d highly recommend reading as many of them as possible, starting with this one of course. The following is a list of 5 of the biggest keys to becoming more successful.

1. Focus

There are many things that can distract us from doing our work, from getting things done, and from giving our all to what we’re doing. It’s imperative that we don’t let other people, other little things that we might have on our busy minds, or any type of unnecessary drama take us out of our zone. Get in that zone, and stay in that zone for as long as possible. We need to completely eliminate distractions. If you need to, invest in some good ear plugs if needed to eliminate any noise for the many out there who “claim” to have A.D.D. Don’t make excuses for not being able to concentrate well. If you need to, take a short break, go on a walk, go to the library, meditate, or take a multivitamin so that you’ll have better peace of mind. Focus on what you’re doing in the moment. Don’t worry or let your anxiety build up because of other things that you still need to get done (see: number 4).

2. Be tidy and organized

They say that messy people are many times more successful than your average slob. However, I tend to think that those successful people have hired help of some sort, because I’m not buying it. Being tidy and organized are two of the best ways to have a clear mind. We need to have a clean working environment in the same manner that we need to have a clear mind when it comes to doing our best, making great decisions, and focusing.

3. Prioritising

Everything that’s important to us in life needs to be prioritised. We need to know the difference between what we should do right now, and what can wait until later. Don’t stall or postpone things for later when you know that later may never come. Draw a circle on a piece of paper, and make lines in that circle so that it looks like a pizza. Then, write down all of your priorities, one per slice. Make sure that you make the slices bigger or smaller as to the importance of the particular priority. And finally, make sure that all of those priorities whether great or small get accomplished and given enough attention to. Nothing in that pizza pie diagram should be left out. You can also write a simple numerical list, but I’d highly recommend starting with the most important things first. Successful people make the time for everything that’s important to them. They make things happen.

4. Create a game plan

Write daily lists of what you need to get done. Make sure that you accomplish everything on your list. Write another list for your longterm goals. Write down what you need to do, including different options, methods, and backup plans to try. For your daily goals, cross off everything that you accomplish as you complete whatever it is. Then, after your daily list is accomplished, take a big sigh, and do something to reward yourself. Last, but not least, every day after you complete your daily goals, push yourself a little harder by doing something that will move you a little closer towards your long term goals. Otherwise, you won’t move forward. Remember, great success happens when you push yourself in the right direction a little more each day. But to do this, you must have a plan.

5. Healthy lifestyle

You are what you eat, or at least you’ll look like a big fat pig if you don’t eat healthier and take better care of yourself. Work out, stay active, go for daily speed walks, eat a predominantly healthy diet, and occasionally treat yourself by indulging (moderation is key). Be good to yourself, and love yourself inside and out. Make sure that the little voice inside of your head is a kind one or kick him out! Kill those negative bullies in your head by killing the thought when they speak up or put you down. Stay positive, optimistic, and know how beautiful you are inside and out, but don’t forget to love yourself enough to eat foods that are clean and nutritious, to indulge in healthy food and drinks whenever possible, and to stay active enough so that your heart rate speeds up. Burn more calories than you consume. Be a workaholic if you have it in you, but remember to get enough REM sleep. Go to bed early and wake up early. As well, drink a lot of water.

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