5 Beautiful Locations for a Family Road Trip in 2021



Summer is right around the corner, and there is no better season to travel than during the warm months. One great way to travel with your family this year is to take a family road trip together. You can experience the open road and new places you have never been before. It is important that the trip is fun for everyone, that you get beautiful views, and that you have experiences that exceed your expectations. You can find five of the best road trips that you and your family can go on together in the list below.

1. North Dakota

Going through the state of North Dakota has enough attractions to keep you occupied for the entire road trip. With attractions and sites, you and your loved ones will love. You can go camping in North Dakota where you stretch out under the stars on the flatlands of the prairie land that you may go through. Be sure to go to Lake Sakakawea while on this trip. There, you can see the beautiful mountaintops of the Killdeer Mountains while you are in the state. You can experience small-town charm while going over the Old Ten Scenic Byway on your trip as well. 

2. Lake Michigan

If you still want to experience the water but want to stay away from the beach, go around Lake Michigan. Many of the towns around the lake should be considered beach towns in that they have the same charm. Cute, warm, and hospitable, these lakeside areas are a must-visit. Plus, the lake is full of beachfront with sandy places to relax. This area also offers quaint towns to escape to along the way. Be sure to visit Ludington or Manistee and explore the dunes at Indiana Dunes National Park. You can even try to climb the tallest lighthouses that you can find on the coast.

3. Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes is near Ithaca, in upstate New York. Here you can find some of the most stunning waterfalls in the country. At the end of your journey, you will run into Cayuga Lake where there is a 215-feet waterfall called Taughannock Falls which is one of the tallest on the east coast. You can also go to Watkins Glen State Park in Seneca where you can find 19 waterfalls to explore. Plus, there are stunning hikes all along the way that go right past some of these beauties that you have to see.

4. Southwest National Parks

The southwest is a haven for beautiful desert views and some of the most stunning national parks. If you start in Las Vegas, you can drive through Utah and then Arizona to see some of the sites that you may only dream about. Some of the national parks you can pass through include Zion National Park and Grand Canyon National Park just to name a couple of the most popular. Cedar Breaks National Monument is a stunning stop to make as well with the popular red rock amphitheater as a famous place.

5. Blue Ridge Parkway

The final road trip to take with your family takes you back to the east coast this summer. The Blue Ridge Parkway begins in small-town Virginia. You can drive it all the way to the outside of Asheville, North Carolina where it ends at the Great Smoky Mountains. There are tons of hikes and camping opportunities that you can pull off too. There are also many gorgeous overlooks to see the best mountain views. Stop at Blowing Rock to see one of the best views that you can experience over a 4,000-feet gorge.

What better way to have fun with your family this summer than to go on a road trip of epic proportions. You can see some of the sites beautiful and popular, for yourself when you go on any of the journeys listed above. On any of these, your family will be able to experience the beauty of the outdoors and will be able to know the charm that does exist throughout small towns in America. Plus, everyone is sure to have fun and build new memories that will last a lifetime.


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